Why Do I Have Earwig in My Home?


Why do I have earwigs in my home? This question always pop out in your head whenever you see earwig in your home. In fact, most domestic earwigs tend sot live in moist, soil places that have the food source and enough cover. Homes and apartments become their place to habit for two reasons. These annoying insects can habit in your home by accident through human activities. Some cases are they seek to escape actively inside whenever outdoor weather becomes extreme.


How Did Earwigs Get Inside?

Why Do I Have Earwig in My Home
Why Do I Have Earwig in My Home


An earwig can enter your home by crawling inside through holes, gaps, and cracks which lead into the home. Its common entry points include gaps around windows and doors which sealed poorly. It also enters through unscreened foundation vents and attic, as well as access doors which can lead to crawling spaces.

Additionally, earwigs also enter building through homeowners activities. For example, the homeowners bring a bundle of newspaper, books, boxes, lumber, and plants which has earwigs there. Another common reason for earwigs to go inside is when light attracts them.

Earwigs can also be brought in accidentally. For example, if you have boxes which store in a wet area and they found these boxes hospitable, they might live in the boxes. Thus, when the homeowner brings these boxes inside, earwigs may habit another place in your home. Another way is if earwigs live under plants between a plant pot and a saucer. This area is moist which is suitable for them. If the homeowner brings the pot inside their home, the earwigs will be brought inside too.


Why Do Earwigs get Inside My Home?

The most obvious reason is that of a hospitable condition. If the condition outside becomes inhospitable for earwigs, they will enter indoor places such as your home. For example. If the temperatures drop, the earwigs will search for warm places. Another reason is if the place’s condition becomes earwigs’ normal shelter.

If you have a damp basement area in your home, they can live there. Moreover, if your basement area is clutter and even leaves can be blown in there, that place will become moist, and it has more cover. Not only the basement only but also the walls there if it’s wet, it can create the hospitable condition for earwigs.

In this condition, earwigs also protected from winter weather. When light attracts them, earwigs will move inside from their outdoor habitat. It is very common. Read: How to Get Rid Of Earwigs in Home?

Although earwigs don’t typically tend to thrive in your home, sometimes through human activities or lack of good maintenance of the home, these disgusting insects can come into your home. Therefore, you need to check doors, screens, and other areas in your home which has the hospitable conditions for earwigs to live there.


Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Are Earwigs Dangerous
Are Earwigs Dangerous


Many people said that earwigs are a dangerous bug since their intimidating pincers which can bite people. However, this is not true. Earwigs, indeed, can use their pincers to bite onto a finger if they are agitated. Earwigs don’t sting. Earwigs are nor a dangerous bug. They also not poisonous since they have no venom.

Some insects such as bed bugs or mosquito can injure people by biting. Other insects can sting by inserting their sting from their abdomen. Sometimes they can also inject venom. Venom will be used to defend them from a predator of when they feel danger from the surrounding. Read: How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Potted Plants Permanently

Since earwigs lack a stinger, venom, and poison, they can’t sting.The greatest danger which done by earwig is damage garden plants, but it depends on the types, such as earwigs which like to feed on seedlings. There is a myth which earwigs can get into your ears and lay eggs on the brain, but it’s not true.

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