Where do Fruit Flies Come From?

Where do fruit flies come from

Have you ever found the fruit that you put on the table is swarmed by fruit flies? Where do fruit flies come from? They seem to appear out of nowhere. Those annoying little creature can multiply in number quickly. They also can be tough to get rid of once they appear in your home. So, where do fruit flies come from? Check this explanation below.


Where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies have ability to detect the smell of ripe fruits and vegetables. Even they can smell it from a good distance away. So, if there is a bowl of fresh fruit on your table, they can fly to your home to get to it. Fruit flies are tiny insects so they can get in through ventilation, window screen, and a gap in your door.

Once they inside the fruit, they will reproduce. In some cases, fruit flies hitch a ride into your home through fruits or vegetables that you just bought. They will lay eggs on the skin of ripe fruit and fresh vegetables. Those apples that you bought from the grocery store likely have eggs of a fruit flies’ new generation.

If you let your bananas over ripen before you eat them, you can eat fly eggs too. Fruits or vegetables which still in the garden or just sitting in a table can attract fruit flies.


Fruit Flies Facts You Should Know

Fruit Flies Facts You Should Know
Fruit Flies Facts You Should Know


One of the insects which have fast life cycles is fruit flies. They can grow from egg to adult in just a week. It means that whenever you have ripe fruits or vegetables which left unused on your kitchen counter, they can give a chance for a small fruit fly to swarm them in just a week. Fruit flies are also known for their consistency once they fly indoor. A female fruit fly will only live in just a month.

During her 30 days, she will lay 500 eggs. Even she doesn’t need fruit or vegetables to keep reproducing. Fruit flies can lay their eggs on an old sponge or mop and in the layer inside water system. You can put your fruit and vegetable in the refrigerator, but there are still fruit flies around your home. How to get rid of fruit flies?


Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Easy

Fruit Flies Facts
Fruit Flies Facts


Throw away any rotting fruits and vegetables

The first thing to make your home clean from fruit flies is by throwing any rotting fruits and vegetables. Any fruit and vegetables which are beyond ripe, has been open, has been cut, and produce liquid must go away from your home. It’s not recommended just to throw them in the garbage unless the garbage is outdoor. Put them in the trash bag and place them in the garbage. After that clean up the mess. Read: 5 Types of Flies Common Around You


Throw away any cans

If there is a place which is moisture, fermented, or sweet, it is a perfect place for fruit flies to habit. You need to throw away your wine bottles, empty soda cans, and beers can. Similar to rotting fruits and vegetables, you need to place the cans in the trash bag first and place them in the garbage. You can also remove any liquid juice, wine, or beer.


Throw away old mops, sponges, and kitchen cloth

These three things can be a perfect place for fruit flies to breed. If you haven’t change mops, sponges, and kitchen cloth, you need to replace them immediately.


Clean your dishes as soon as possible

The last tip to get rid of fruit flies is by cleaning your dishes immediately. You don’t need to wait until the end of the day to wash the dishes. At least, you can water them to remove any food and beverage.

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