What You Need to Know about Hobo Spider

What You Need to Know about Hobo Spider 1

What You Need to Know about Hobo Spider. Spiderman is a character that related to spider. As the insect, there are so many types of spiders. One of the popular ones is hobo spider. Lagenaria agrestis is named for this type of spider. It was introduced for the first in the 1930s in Europe. Then, it spreads to around six states. What are hobo spiders? Are they dangerous? Here is further information about hobo spiders.



Characteristics of Hobo Spider

Characteristics of Hobo Spider
Characteristics of Hobo Spider


Hobo spiders have eight legs and have no antennae. For hobo spider size, it has around 40 to 50 mm includes their legs. The female size is bigger than male which around 5/16″ to 9/10″. The color of its body is light-medium brown. There are dark stripes down from center to each side. The midline stripes are lighter than body’s color.

For the shaped body, these hobo spiders have oblong abdomen. There are longer posterior spinnerets which are visible from above. Although it does not have antennae, there is a small part of its head which is like antennae.


Habits of Hobo Spider

Like other spiders, hobo spider also builds the funnel webs. It opens from end to end into a broad and curved sheet. They usually built an escape tunnel in the back of the web. It purposes to protect the area to a deep crack. The males extensively wander to seek a mate in late June to October.

Meanwhile, in August and September, they will enter the ground level of a structure each day activity. The male hobo spiders have the responsibility to bite more than female hobo spiders. It happens since their wandering habit brings the male to contact with humans. Read: Common House Spiders


Habitat of Hobo Spider

Hobo spider or Tegenaria agrestis lived in almost any habitat. You can easily found them through cracks, holes, or crevices. This habitat will support them to make tunnel formation. Although they are spiders, they are not good climbers. In that situation, it must be difficult to find them beside ground level.

They will only live in ground level and build their net there. The hobo spiders prefer to live in moist and dark areas. Moreover, they are also can be found in window wells, basements, or crawl spaces.


Hobo Spider’s Threats

Do hobo spider bite? The hobo spiders will only bite as their defense. On the other hand, it still on the debate on the effects of this spider bite. Some stated that this spider is frequently confused with other species, so it bites. There are also some misinformations on these spiders which was previously stated that they could produce a necrotic lesion. It is similar to brown recluse spiders.

On the other hand, these cases usually found circumstantial.  In fact, these hobo spiders’ bite only will cause and redness and mild pain. If you find hobo spiders and has been bitten, so you can contact to professional to discuss more on the situation and about this pet.


How to Prevent Hobo Spider

What are the symptoms of a Hobo spider bite? The first symptoms that might occur after bitten by this spider are redness, pain, and even leg twitching for around 12 hours. However, there is no found that this spider’s bite could not damage tissue or skin death. You can call the doctor if you want to get the further cure.

After that, you can also take prevention so that hobo spiders could not come into your home again. The prevention to get rid these spiders are you have to seal the cracks from outside your home, screen all your doors and windows, reduce clutter in your garages and basements so it can eliminate hiding spots, and also avoid to store clothing or shoes on the floor.

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