What You Need to Do to Defeat Kudzu Bug

What You Need to Do to Defeat Kudzu Bug 1

Kudzu bug originally comes from India and China. In recent news, the kudzu has been found in several states in America, such as North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee.  It was found in Atlanta, and it moved very quickly to other neighboring states. Like many other bugs, their number is growing, and The States are having a problem in preventing the bugs from over-growing. These days, researchers are still trying to find ways to control and to get rid of them. While waiting for the researchers to figure out the methods, there are some things that we can do to protect ourselves from kudzu. One of those things is to familiarize the kudzu identification.

There are several characteristics found in kudzu that will help you identify it. The easiest way to recognize kudzu is its size. It is 1/6 inch to ¼ inch long. This size makes kudzu almost similar to a ladybug. However, when you look closely, it has a round shape and olive-green and brown with specks motif and color. Like most insects in general, kudzu’s body will release stain and foul odor when it is crushed. That is why; crushing its body is the least suggested way to exterminate kudzu.


Kudzu bug prevention – What You Need to Do to Defeat Kudzu Bug

Kudzu bug prevention
Kudzu bug prevention


As it has been said, kudzu bug is a new pest outbreak in The States. Researches are still ongoing to find out the solution to stop kudzu’s movement. Even though the solution has not been found yet, there are some things you can do to prevent the kudzu from entering your house. The research was conducted in Clemson University which resulted in saying that substances such as neonicotinoid pyrethroid may have the indication of pest control. So, it is a good way to barricade your home from the bugs with pesticides. Researchers also said that there is a higher possibility of the bugs in the area near soybean fields, especially during fall, because the temperatures are declining.

Here are some of the preventions:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection throughout the entire part of the house—inside and outside. You need to see closely to cracks, gaps, and openings for the bugs’ present. More importantly, seal them all immediately to prevent them from nesting.
  • Beside sealing cracks, gaps, and openings, you also need to caulk pipes, wires, and cables.
  • Do not forget to check your window and door screens. It is highly suggested that they are intact, leaving no entrance for the bugs.
  • Do not be panic when the bugs enter the home. Take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum them up. Put the vacuum bag or its contents only in frozen water or soapy water to kill the bugs, before throwing them away.
  • Spray insecticide to the exterior of the home during fall.

At this point, you may wonder what kind of damage that kudzu bug causes to have you do such prevention. The damage caused by the bugs affects plants and crop production dramatically. Kudzu bugs feed on soybean, for example. Meanwhile, the damage on the crop causes leaves to dry out because the entire nutrient has been sucked out of the veins. Moreover, the bugs also need a place to nest.

They prefer light-colored exterior walls during summer to fall, and then they will move to cracks, gaps or openings during winter to keep their bodies’ temperature warm. Usually, they end up living inside walls, attics and anywhere inside homes where they will lay eggs. That is why; conducting the preventions above is essential to avoid the presence of the bugs, especially when your home is near the soybean field or crop plantation.

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