What do Crickets Eat? / What To Feed Your Pet Crickets?

What do Crickets Eat

What To Feed Your Pet Crickets? What do Crickets Eat? – Crickets are both scavengers and omnivores by nature. Normally, this long-legged insect with antennae will eat just about anything they can find and that is handed to them.

Surprisingly, this also includes their own cricket friends. Breeding crickets is now becoming more and more popular especially with these whole “cricket being a new protein source” thing starts to skyrocket as well.

That’s why, whether you breed them to feed your reptiles or yourself or just simply use them as pets, knowing what food to feed your crickets is important.

This especially applies if you’ll use them as your reptiles’ food later on so make sure everything you know everything they swallow. That way you can tailor their nutritional profile to your pets’ needs. So, what do crickets eat?


What do Crickets Eat? / What To Feed Your Pet Crickets

What To Feed Your Pet Crickets
What To Feed Your Pet Crickets


The Life of Crickets

Crickets are actually considered as bringing good luck in many cultures. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people breed them. As what has been stated before, crickets eat both animals and plants depending on what’s available to these insects. Sometimes you see them much on tender fruit, fungi and leaves, but sometimes they are also spotted eating rotting plant matter.

Crickets like to burrow into the undergrowth of any wooden areas where they will be safe from predators and find plenty of food. They may catch bugs or insects as well there and when they finally run out food, they will turn on the weakest members in the colony and eat them.

Another interesting fact about crickets is that should they ever find their way to your house, they might chew on papers or make holes in your clothes as a result of their exploratory nibbling.

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Food for Your Pet Crickets

If you have crickets as your pets, then trying a varied diet wouldn’t hurt. Not only will this keep them healthy but they will not turn cannibalistic either. For starters, you can give them leafy veggies such as lettuce and cabbage. Dry food such as crushed dog or cat food can be taken into account.

What do crickets eat other than dry food? Fresh food. Feed them with lots of greens such as lettuce, mustard green, collard greens, broccoli and even dandelion leaves. Did you know that crickets love potatoes so much? They are, in fact, crickets’ favourite food. They occasionally enjoy sweet potatoes as well. Fresh food that you can feed your crickets can also include fruits like apples, grapefruits, oranges, bananas, papayas or berries.


What To Feed Your Pet Crickets: Gut Loading

There is a term called gut loading which refers to the process of stuffing lots of nutritious foods to your crickets right before you feed them to your snakes or lizards or any other pets. Dairy products is a common ingredient in gut loading recipes. As a matter of fact, you can rely on dairy products as the dry or wet food source for your crickets.

Generally speaking, a gut load encompasses a mixture of all the healthiest foods that you usually feed to your pet crickets. What distinguishes a gut load and regular feeding lies in the fact that when you gut load, multiple types of food that are usually fed to your crickets one at a time are all combined together in order to overload the nutritional value.

Usually, one would combine fresh veggies and whole wheat breads in their gut load recipes. Note that, the crickets should be given about 24 hours after being served with a gut load in order to absorb the minerals and vitamins from the meals. Then, you can feed these gut-loaded crickets to your other pets. Another helpful tip is dusting your crickets with a calcium supplement prior to being fed to your reptiles.

When you are about to feed crickets to your reptiles, the crickets must be served a gut load on a regular basis for several days in advance. It will be a waste if you feed them the gut load too soon. Moreover, there will not be enough nutrition to pass on to your pets if you also don’t feed it soon enough.

Bottom line, crickets are not picky eaters for they will eat practically anything they can find. However, if you want them to be healthy then serve them with gut load recipes.

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