What is Paper Wasp? And How to Control Paper Wasps

Control Paper Wasps

What is Paper Wasp? And How to Control Paper Wasps? – Paper wasp is one of the beneficial insects that live in mostly North America. Although it’s beneficial, it tends to nest close to people such as in the home. In the worse case, it can sting us. So, it might be necessary to get rid of it before it’s too late. Paper wasps construct open-celled paper nests that you can usually find in porch ceilings. They tend to sting to defend their nest.

These insects have an important role in our ecology as a predator of other insects. They will collect beetle larvae, caterpillars, and another insect to feed their babies. If you find paper wasps colony, don’t get rid of them quickly if they don’t cause a problem.


What is Paper Wasp? And How to Control Paper Wasps

What is Paper Wasp And How to Control Paper Wasps
What is Paper Wasp And How to Control Paper Wasps


Paper Wasp Queen Fact

The queen will build a new nest every year. She builds it by chewing wood fibers into a flexible pulp. After that, she will raise her workers to expand the nest so it can fit the colony. The nest will be ready in summer. The size can be quite large which is 6 to 8 inch in wide. The colony will be killed by the freezing temperature when autumn comes. Meanwhile, the queen will find a warmer shelter to hibernate until winter.

The nest will be empty until winter is over. But the queen rarely re-used it for next year. Similar to any insects, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with paper wasps. If you are sure that you’re dealing with them, you can take action to control and eliminate them.

Do paper wasps sting? Yes, they do. In fact, they will sting to defend their nest or when they threatened. Compared with honeybees, paper wasps can sting multiple times. Honeybee only has barbed stings, and it can sting just once. Paper wasps will come if one of them use alarm pheromones. It is a chemical message which tells other wasps to help it and defend the nest from a threat


How to Control Paper Wasps

paper wasps nest
paper wasps nest


Before you know anything about how to get rid of paper wasps in your home, you need to ask yourself if it’s necessary to get rid of them. In fact, paper wasps can be beneficial. They can help control hungry caterpillars and plant pests. Your garden and landscape will be safe from those pests.

If their nest is located in a place that rarely used, you can leave them alone. They will sting if only there is a threat to their nest. Some experts said that both humans and paper wasps could coexist peacefully. But you can eliminate them if one of your family has a wasp venom allergy.

If you find their nest located near your home entrance such as on the porch, you can take action to eliminate them since you spend a lot of time there. In the spring, check shutters, eaves, and other high traffic areas in your yard since at that time the queen will build her first nest.

If you find their little nest, you can eliminate them by yourself. You can use a broom to destroy the nest. However, if you find a large nest, you should eliminate it cautiously.

You shouldn’t remove the nest during the day since paper wasps are flying very actively. You need to wait until evening when they already back to their nest. You can eliminate the nest during autumn or winter. They can’t live when the temperature becomes low.


Conclusion Of Paper Wasp

Eliminate paper wasp can be done by using chemical pesticides. You can use a commercial wasp spray. Follow the instruction whenever you use any pesticide product. Spray it to their nest. Make sure all area is covered by the pesticide. And don’t forget to protect yourself too from the chemical.

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