What House Centipede Looks Like?

What House Centipede Looks Like

What House Centipede Looks Like? Have you ever found centipede in your house? Some of you probably will be scared of seeing this little creature. There are a lot of types of centipedes, and the house centipede belongs to the animal that you often see at home. Centipede certainly does not show up all the time, most of them only appear during rainy or winter times. As spotting this species, do not be surprised because this one can move so fast, looking for safe areas. However, don’t make yourself so frightened of this species. Centipede is not that bad and dangerous for humans.


What House Centipede Looks Like?

What House Centipede Looks Like
What House Centipede Looks Like


House centipedes may look frightening due to its hundreds legs. People name this species as centipede because centipede gets so many pairs of legs. However, not all centipedes have 100 legs. Most of them only get 15 pairs of legs. There are several things why centipede has so many legs. First, since it includes as predators and victim, it helps them to move fast. They can move from one place to another only in 1.3 feet per second. That is why they can get away from their predators and hunt its prey quickly.

Centipede also own two antennas which are very long and sensitive above its head. For its body color, they normally have yellowish-gray color. Since they are the nocturnal animal, which looking for food at night, they have two great well-developed eyes. Their antennae are very helpful for hunting. By using its antennae, they can detect smells of their prey.


Where and Why Do They Live in My House?

Just like other centipedes, the house centipedes like to stay in moist and dark areas. People believe they start living in the Mediterranean which makes them prefer to live in tropical, humid, and warm climates. They can live inside and outside your house.

Inside your house, you can commonly found them in kitchen, basements, bathrooms, garage, drains, crawl spaces, bathtubs, and sinks. Meanwhile, they also can be found outside your house such as in firewood stacks, under the leaf, tree bark, and cracks in rocks. Wherever they like to stay, centipedes are adaptable to surviving in any climates.


Do Centipede Bite Human?

Do Centipede Bite Human? If you are wondering whether house centipede bites human or not, yes they can bite humans. Even, their bites can be pained just like the bee stings.

However, their bite is not poisonous and dangerous for humans. Although it is not too dangerous, you still can feel the pain and get red bumps, allergy or inflammation. Their bites are only poisonous for its prey such as cockroaches, houseflies, spider, silver fish, and others. That is why a lot of people say centipede can be helpful for a human to get rid of insects and bed bugs.


How To Get Rid Of House Centipedes

How To Get Rid Of House Centipedes? Did you find a house centipede? They are active at night and hide during the day in places such as under concrete slabs, on floor drains, or under cardboard boxes.

  1. Do the Inspection

You can inspect by looking where they live such as in a basement, bathrooms, garage, or other dark or moist places. Make sure you clean their habitat at least twice a day regularly.

  1. Making Traps

There are several sticky traps that can be used to kill centipedes. By using this trap, it can make you easier while monitoring their activities.

  1. Kill Their Food Sources

As it has been explained, centipedes love to consume bugs and insects such as cockroach, flies, small spider, and others. For that reason, these bugs are living inside your house, and you got to make sure you kill them as well. You can kill them by using chemical or non-chemical pest-killer.

  1. Call the pest control

The last thing that you need to do if those three ways do not help you at all is calling the pest services. They will help you kill the centipedes in efficient and effective ways…

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