What Flea Bites Look Like?

How to Treat Flea Bites

What Flea Bites Look Like? – Flea is a small insect which can be found in human or animal. This insect can live in human hair or in animal fur. They stay alive by sucking human and animal’s blood. So, it is included as a parasite by human and animal.

Flea is small, mostly 2–3 mm long, wingless, laterally attended and highly specialized insects with holometabolous metamorphosis. Fleas come with different species live on particular animals i.e. cat fleas and dog fleas.The human flea is living on human hair.


What Flea Bites Look Like?

What Flea Bites Look Like
What Flea Bites Look Like


Flea is a tiny insect. It cannot grow bigger. Although it is included as an insect, it does not have wing. It cannot fly. So, they move to the other places by walking and jumping. It can move fast so it is hard to be catch. So, what do flea bites look like?

When it bites the people or the animal’s skin, you will see:

  •  The bites area will turn into red
  •  It will show a red spot in the bitten part
  • They will bite in several parts that close each other


The common part of the human body can be bitten by the fleas are the waist, arms, leg, and the skin under the hair. While for the animal, it can bite in all parts of their body. The animals that usually are bitten by the flea are dog, cat, cow, and horse.


Flea Bite Symptoms

There are some symptom appears after the people or the animals are bitten by flea. They are

  • It will be itchy in the bitten area. Sometimes, it will cause painful and sores in this area.
  • The people and animal can get hives and rash near the bitten area.
  • You will see a red spot and have a halo in the center.
  • The area around the bite will swell.


The flea bite also can cause an allergic. The symptoms of allergic caused by the flea are:

  • They will have difficulties to breathe or have a short of breath
  • Their lips or tongue will swell
  • They will get dizziness, nausea, and chest pain


The Effect of Flea Bites

Actually there are no harmful diseases for human caused by the bitten flea. It will give small effects like:

  • It can cause an infection if we scratch the bitten part
  • Sometimes, it will make us get painful


The diseases that can be caused by the flea are flea tapeworm, typhus, tungiasis, and plague. How about the pet? Do they get injured? It will not give the big reaction. However, you have to be careful. You have to bring your animals like dog and cat to veterinarian. Read: Kill All Fleas with Magic Flea Bomb!


Best Flea Treatment For Dogs and Cats

The treatment for the animal and the people that has bitten by the flea are different. So, we have to make the right treatment.

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs and Cats
Best Flea Treatment For Dogs and Cats


Flea Treatment for Animal

If your pets at home have a flea, you have to visit a veterinarian. Consult to them before you give a treatment to the pet. The veterinarian will give you the solution for the fleas in your pet. There are basic treatments for your pet, they are:

  • Comb your pet’s fur
  • Bath your pet regularly using special shampoo. It is special shampoo for pet
  • Use cold water to alleviate the inflammation in the pet’s skin
  • Use warm water or hot water to exacerbate the itchy
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs
  • Advantage II for Cats
  • Frontline Plus for Cats
  • Vet’s Best Flea Spray

If those treatments do not success, you have to bring your pet to the veterinarian. Ask them to check your pet. They will give you the next step of the treatment. May be some cream will be given to you. The cream can help to cure your pet.

Flea Treatment for Human

  • If you have bitten by the flea and you do not visit the doctor, you can do these at home:
  • Wash the bitten area using soap. Make sure you wash it clean.
  • Use a cold water or ice cube to reduce the swollen area. Put in the bitten area for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  •  You also can use aloe Vera to reduce the swollen part and reduce the color red in the bitten area.
  •  You can rub using alcohol to make the bite dry.
  • You also can use a tea bag. Put it in refrigerator, if it is cold enough you can put it in the bitten area. It can reduce the inflammation.
  • You also can use tea tree oil to relive the itchy.

If it do not show a good sign, or it is going worse, you can visit the doctor. The doctor will give the medication for you. They will give cream or the other drug to reduce the pain and to heal the inflammation.


How to Treat Flea Bites

How to Treat Flea Bites
How to Treat Flea Bites


How do you know you have Flea in your home?

If you have a dog or a cat in our house, you have to be careful. you have to make sure if those animals do not have the flea. Since, the flea-like to live in the dog and cat’s fur, you have to check your animals’ fur. There are some sign that your pet has flea, such as:

  • They like to scratch their body
  • They always lick their fur
  • They like to bite the part of their body

If you found some flea in their fur, maybe you also can find some fleas in your home. You can check your carpet, your bed, or the other place that can be used as the growing place for the flea. You can check your carpet using white sock. Just walking on the carpet, if you see a tiny insect in your sock it means that there are many fleas grow in your house. Read Also: Types of Common Fleas


How to avoid flea bites on humans or animals

If you have a pet at home, it is better for you to keep them in their cage. Do not let them go everywhere. Especially go to your bedroom. You can put the cage in the back of your house so the flea will have a small possibility to grow in your house.

You also need to keep your house clean. Especially clean the carpet and in the area that the flea can live. If you clean it every day, they cannot be found in your house.

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