What Do You Know About Palmetto Bugs?

Palmetto Bugs

What Do You Know About Palmetto Bugs? Palmetto bug is just a nickname for American cockroaches. It is because these bugs were accidentally introduced in America through trade with Africa. Other nicknames for these bugs include canary Bombay, flying waterbug, and waterbug. These bugs have their nickname because they like to hide under the shady and safe palm tree. This kind of cockroach is the largest cockroach of all kinds that invade your house.

This cockroach has reddish brown color and can grow to 1.5 inches or more. They have wings and can fly for both males and females. They will fly in short distance and will glide if they want to launch themselves from the top of tree or building. When the thermometer is down below 85ᵒF, they are rarely seen flying in this cooler temperature. For more information about Palmetto bugs will be explained below.


What Do You Know About Palmetto Bugs?

These cockroaches have some interests. They love warm tropical weather. If you want to find this cockroach infestation in your house, try to look up your darkest dampest areas. They are most likely founded hiding in crawlspaces, sewers, under tub drains or sinks. Since this cockroach much likely to stick to a meal of garbage, plants, or decaying meat just like the other species, Palmetto bug bite on the human skin would become likely rare to be found. Their bites are not the serious problem and should since they just leave a small red mark and nothing more.

What Do You Know About Palmetto Bugs
What Do You Know About Palmetto Bugs


Since they like to hide in the unsanitary areas such as drains and sewers, eating garbage of decaying food or animal, they can be a serious problem to a variety disease-causing pathogens. Palmetto bugs can easily and quickly spread contamination to your kitchen counters, clean food, and dishes.

They cause some digestive diseases which are the common illness for people who have contact with unsanitary food. Stomach cramp, vomiting and diarrhea are the symptoms of the diseases. For some people who are allergic to this cockroach or their droppings and shed skins, they will sneeze, rashes and even asthma attacks as their allergic reaction.

Palmetto bugs like to gather in large groups hiding in damp, dark places such as palm leaves, woodpiles, the foundation of your house, in your sprinkler system and many more. For Palmetto bugs infestation, their female will produce an egg capsule of 14 up to 16 eggs each week and lay them anywhere.

The egg capsule is dark brown and less than a half inch long. Their female usually hides the eggs in a safe place which is near food supplies. The eggs will hatch in less than two months. They will molt nine up to 13 times until it becomes an adult. These cockroaches especially the female can live for a year or longer.


How to get rid of palmetto bugs?

How to get rid of palmetto bugs? The first step is, keep your places in a sanitary condition. You have to dispose of some old piles of paper or boxes where they can hide, clean your kitchen and the appliances thoroughly, fix the leaky faucet and drains, vacuum regularly to one room of the food consumption. The next step is sealing their entryway into your house. You have to repair and caulk gaps around windows, doors, and water pipes.

Do not forget to place screens to cover your air vents, floor drains, and windows. And also, doors and windows must fit precisely and tightly within their frames to prevent shelter and entryway from outside. Also, if you found a large infestation of Palmetto bugs and you can handle it, it is better to call the professional one. They will treat it with some expert techniques, and you can found your house roaches free after that.

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