What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? – The first time we see a bug, we probably think that it is only a tiny creature. Who knows that this tiny thing can be a bad thing for you. Most bugs surely have tiny size, but some of them are included in bad bugs. Bad bugs can appear in any places, including our bed rooms.

Then, what do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs normally have tiny, oval-shaped, flat, and wingless bodies. Adult bed bugs probably own wing pads, yet those do not function as the common wings. Adults commonly have brown color bodies, even thought it would turn into the red after feeding. Even there are several characteristics of bed bugs; some of us sometimes will get misconception about how it looks like. So, let’s check what do bed bugs look like to the naked eye.


What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are difficult to see for human eyes, especially for the nymphs. They are really small and living in the hidden places. If you are wondering how big are bed bugs, they normally measure about 4 to 5 mm or similar to the apple seeds. However, the nymphs can be smaller than those sizes.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like
What Do Bed Bugs Look Like


Unlike the adults, the nymphs have tan or white color. They will turn into the brown ones after they get feed. In order to grow into adult bed bugs, nymph must consume blood, which becomes the only nutrition source. Meanwhile, the adults are consuming blood with the intention of producing eggs. Bed bugs commonly get the food source from human or pet blood.


How Does Bed Bug Bite Human?

As it has been explained, bed bugs are blood hunters. Their live and food source will depend on blood. That is why they need to get blood to survive. Most beg bugs bite human or pet on their face, neck, legs, arms, and shoulders during sleep. What do bed bugs bites look like actually will be in the zigzag pattern or line? Sometimes, its bites look like flat and small areas. Once you’ve got bitten, these areas will become itchy, red, blistered, or inflamed. However, these reactions do not directly appear. It sometimes takes few hours or days.

Each bed bug will normally bite you more than one. Once its mouthparts find your blood vessel, the bed bug will start its feeding. However, fitting their mouthparts into blood vessel probably will need over one injection. Therefore, they start to find food source during human sleep so that they can be easier searching for the right blood vessels. Even bed bug can bite us; its bites do not contain diseases. The size of its bites can be different for each person. The more often they bite us, the larger bites sizes could be.


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Bed Bug Bites Symptoms

After knowing what do bed bugs look like and its bites, now it’s time to understand the bites symptoms. Some of you may wonder how do I know if I have bed bugs?

Bed Bug Bites Symptom
Bed Bug Bites Symptom


Once you get bitten, you probably will feel several symptoms such as swellings, itching, inflammation, burning or even allergy. However, these symptoms sometimes do not react at all for some people. Unlike other bugs, bed bugs bite normally leaving the small red mark. At first, you probably will get burning sensation, and it burning area will turn into red bumps. Yet, some bites sometimes leave no smudge at all.




How to Get Bed Bugs Out From your Home

Bed bugs may not be dangerous for us, yet it can be truly annoying sometimes. Here we provide you some tips on how do you get rid of bed bugs.

  • Make sure to wear pajamas which cover your skin to avoid bed bug bites
  • Clean and vacuum your mattress and its covers regularly
  • Do some heat treatments to kill bed bug infestation. Place your bed covers in a clothes dryer for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Alcohol can get rid of bed bugs from your bed. We use alcohol to get rid of bed bugs, their eggs and nests. This is quite effective.
  • Call Pets Control Service

Are you still curious about bedbugs? small they suck your blood while sleeping. They live in humid areas like on a mattress. Make sure you always dry and keep your mattress clean. Because the bedbugs will nest in the damp mattress.

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