Ways to Control Drywood Termite from Entering your Home

Ways to Control Drywood Termite from Entering your Home

Ways to Control Drywood Termite –  This colony is identified by their consumption of drywood. They don’t know dependent much on water, and they can find their food up on the ground that is not humid.

Your wood-based house or furniture may become their greatest food source. Any wood or timber, as long as it is dry, may become their food. But then some woods are immune to these drywood termites that have extractive substance inside it, like a poison to these termites. Some of it is blackwood and hardwood, or ironwood that is harder than hardwood and rare.

Nowadays, due to the loss of the termite’s natural habitats, they are finding their food harder than ever. Therefore, some of the termites ran to the housing areas for humans and eats the wooden furniture instead. Their damages are one of the worst one for any wooden things, such as house pillars, or even doors and window.

The damages may be gradual, but instead of eating the woods from outside, they prefer to make a hole in the wood. It makes their bites unseen by the human unless checking the wood one by one. Knowing this silent predator, you may want to know how to handle this kind of pest control. Naturally or chemically, we can see it down below.


Ways to Control Drywood Termite from Entering your Home

Ways to Control Drywood Termite from Entering your Home
Ways to Control Drywood Termite from Entering your Home



1.Block the termite’s entryways

These termites can enter your house through the small hole or crack in the exterior wood. You better close all holes and limit joints to prevent them entering. To close it you may need some tapes, or any concretes. Or you can even put some layers of waterproof paint, that can seal smallest cracks in woods. Read Also: Dampwood Termites Control


2.Lessen their food source

Stay away from dead woods, drywood for making fire, or any dead tree. Because it may have termite’s colony inside it. And maybe change your furniture and home-base to be made from hardwood, or even iron itself. Some easier alternatives just used any hardboard or plastic as your homey stuff, it even makes out the house more modern, if it’s not cheap.Read Also: Flying Termites : Control, Identification


3.Checkthe your next project’s material

Mainly any second-hand wood, or extra wood before using it in any house project or gardening. Check if your materials are termites free or not. By doing this, you save years of damages there are, caused by the termites.


4.Use anti-termite substances

It is hard just to make them go manually. Even with smokes, they may have ways to keep alive. Some of the most effective ways is just using an anti-termite material to build your house and filling it up. Some wood preservatives to be put on the wood construction may help you to create an everlasting home that is termites free. You may find these products in the local supermarket with the different brand. Or just call the distributor for online shipping. Every brand has the different strength of it, and different weaknesses as well. But not to worry, the effect will always be the same, differ on just how long it is will take effect.


5.Call pest control

If you’re too lazy to find out any cause of your wood damages, you can always call some help. The experts of pest control can prevent, or even destroy any termite colony there is in your humble abode.

Next time you don’t need to worry having your house falling while sleeping, or sweeping any dirty wooden dust under your wooden door. You only need to know how to prevent the drywood termites to save you from termite trouble.

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