5 Types of Flies Common Around You

5 Types of Flies Common Around You 1

Types of Flies Common Around You – The flies can often be found in houses and every place if there’s food. Some species are more common than any other, and it is attracted to different habitat to fit their natural needs.

Just like fruit flies that attracted to anywhere when there are fruits nearby. To understand their sizes, habit, seasons, and lifecycle may help you to identify the perfect methods to handle them effectively. The most fly will live for just 30 days, from eggs until a fully adult one.


5 Types of Flies Common Around You

5 Types of Flies Common Around You
5 Types of Flies Common Around You


1. House Flies

The house fly, or Musca Domestica, is the main bringer of diseases, and it could infest any types of buildings. They have green, bluish body with some grey fur on top of their body with brownish eyes and six hairy legs. The house fly likes any foods, either it is fresh, or it is rotten, human food, or animal food, and even wastes.

There is also a green fly, or Calliphora Vomitoria, that is smaller than the house fly. It also has the same habitat with the house fly, but it is more attracted to rotten smelling food. Like cheeses and wastes.

It grows and breeds mostly on rotten meat. It has metallic blue colored, despite its popular name, green fly, and six dark legs. Both of the flies, due to their movement between trashes and fresh food on the table, makes it easier to spread dirt and parasites.


2. Fruit Flies

The fruit flies found infesting fruits or gather around by the remains of fruits fermentation that can be found in pubs, fruits plantations, and fruits oriented factory. It is as small as the green fly, with yellowish sort of transparent body color, and a couple of big red eyes. They are not harmful, but they also feed on fruits that you like, leaving some small darken bites on the bitten area of fruits.


3. Sand Flies

The sand fly can be seen from April until September. They live by the sandy river, with open-air habitat that is free from shadows. The female one likes to put their eggs under the wet dirt or shallow water. SpiriverpaLunulata, look likes a mosquito, it has longer body them most flies, pale grey colored with reddish-brown legs. It is not considered a pest to human, because of their clean consumptions of food near the clean river, and it is disinterested in human food.


4. Drain Flies

The drain fly or Psychodidae is associated with the waste place, like plumbing or sewer. Where their larva eats some organic food like muds. They look like a very small moth, out of their wings resemblance to moth, but their body is a fly body. It is harmless for human but considered annoying to their habitat and flying habit around dirt.


5. Horse Flies

Unlike the harmless fruit flies, the horse flies make horses suffer. They only eat nectar, but it likes the heat of horses to gather around. Sometimes their bites lead to the horse’s decreases in weight. Their snout has some mini knife to cut skin and makes some blood loss. The Family Tabanidae has the longer body than the house fly, but it is still around, with the sharp end of the body. Their eyes almost like it is united, but the female one has a gap on it.

Flies are a weird being because on the one hand it is dirty and brings diseases. While on the other hand, it is proven to be one of the top decomposers in the earth, and some fly like Drosophila is helping scientist to know genetic disorder like brain damage and such. Either way, for health stuff, just leave it be and let the scientist do the research. For common human like you, the fly is still a pest that spread viruses and bacteria.

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