Types of Common House Spiders around Your House

Types of Common House Spiders around Your House 1

Types of Common House Spiders around Your House – What do you know about spiders? Spiders are classed under an arthropods or invertebrates It is has jointed legs and exoskeleton. There are some differences between spiders and insects.

Spiders only have two boy region while insects have three body part. After that, spiders have eight legs and eyes while insects mostly have only two eyes. Insects have at least two wings while spiders have not had any wings. From all types of spiders, there are some common house spiders.

Types of Common House Spiders around Your House

Types of Common House Spiders around Your House
Types of Common House Spiders around Your House


There are two types of spiders which are hunting spider and web building spider. Both of them includes common house spiders that are founded in your house. For the hunting spider, they will not build their web to catch their prey. They prefer to move quickly and catch their prey directly. On the other hand, web-building spiders are who like to build webs as the trap of their prey. They are calmer than hunting spider since they will live near the web and wait the prey come into their web. Then, hunting spider has stronger eyesight than the web-building spider that will rely on their sense.

Some common types of spider usually found around your house. As mentioned before, the domestic house spider can be hunting and web building spider. For the first, some types of hunting spiders usually found around your house. Wolf spiders which have dark brown with slight hair body are usually found under the stones. Then, sac spiders which have light colored can be found hang on the walls near ceilings. As like as another hunting spider, sac spider does not build their web and will hunt at night. Fishing spiders that usually lived in water also can be found nearly your house. As long as there is water, so the fishing spider can live there. They will catch small fish, tadpoles, and other small animals.

On the other hand, the typical house spiders that lived around in your house is the web-building spider. While hunting spider-like to live in outdoor, web building spider even can live in outdoor and indoor space. One of the most founded spiders in a house is cobweb spiders. They have small to medium size of body and has brownish and grayish color. They can be found in crawl spaces and basements.

Then, there are orb weaver spiders that also commonly found in your garden. They have bright color and small body. However, this type of web building spider is not dangerous. Does brown house spider bite? Most of spider can bite as their defense but most of them are not dangerous to human. Mostly, spiders have venom, but half of them will not spread the poison to a human when they bite. There are some symptoms of spider bite which are swelling, redness on the skin, and cramps. These symptoms will disappear in some days, so you do not need to be more worried. In contrast, some people might have allergic to spider bite so they will develop different symptoms.

For lifespan, there are some different house spider lifespan. For the southern black widow spiders, they will live around one to three years. Then, the brown recluse spiders will only live in one to two years. Meanwhile, the goliath bird-eater spiders have the longest lifespan which is 15 to 25 years. The house spider also can reproduce around 250 eggs then store it in their sac of silk. The different type of spider might have the different lifespan and life cycle. For the spiders that commonly found in your house is the lower lifespan one.

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