Types of Common Fleas


Types of Common Fleas –  They are an insect with some similar characteristics but many types of form, depending on which food they eat and which place they live. They are the wingless insect with small size. So far there are over than 2,000 types of fleas in the world, but the most common ones are the one that infests your home and around it.

They move around using their small legs by jumping, and they can jump ten times farther than their body. Besides jumping, the move around also by traveling through their host. Either, animal, human, or plants, and woods.

They are considered as the pest because they like to eat the blood of their host or to give some diseases and plague to where they live. Fleas characteristics are somewhat common, they have the thin rounded body, while the female one is a bit fatter. Their body is covered with the strong shell that is hard to crush with slow force, and they have legs that can attach easily to everything.


Types of Common Fleas



1. Flour beetle

The name might be beetle, but from their taxonomy is considered a type of flea in the name Tribolium. They are considered to ruin the farmer’s stock by living and consuming many types of grain, from wheat to rice, and in between of it. The flour beetles lay their eggs inside the grain, and their babies eat the leftover flour. They also left their feces around the flour, makes the flour unhygienic. The difference in flour beetle characteristic is, it has a more oval shape with reddish shiny brown, and it has a pair of antenna.

One way to get rid of them is to seal them and their habitat in a closed container, then just throw them away when it is far from any grain. If you find them in a small colony, then you can still use the grain, you only need to heat it under the sun, and sift them thoroughly with some tools. They don’t like a cold and dry place, so keep your place in that kind of place to avoid being infested.


2. Head Louse

It is uncommon to have head louse nowadays since there are so many shampoos to clean your hair. But then if there are some red rashes under your hair line and some itches on your head, then you might suspect that they may live on you. Detect them by using the tight comb, and you could see it getting pulled by it. To get rid of it, you need to use some anti-head louse shampoo, like Malathion, Benzyl Alcohol, or Lindane. You must have doctor prescription though.


3. Animal Flea

If you have some pets, like a bird, cats, and dogs, or anything with fur and feathers, you can experience the infestation of animal fleas. They also like to bit human too, even though they survive better on an animal. Some records show that these kinds of insects also can spread diseases to humans. So, beware of picking wild animals, always be careful to care for the pets and clean them. Most animal shampoo always has anti-flea in them, so you only need to wash them regularly.

There are more types of it than the common one, but they usually live far away from any civilization or uncommon in housing areas. Some of it lives with the sailor on wooden boats, and some if it lives on woods. They are rarely found in the dessert or arctic area because they do not like extreme climate.  For the people who live in the urban area where there are fewer woods or sea, it is better only to know these types

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