The Common Signs of Termite Damage

Identify Termite’s Damage to Your Home

The Common Signs of Termite Damage – There are five types of termites that are easily identified by their forms of attack in an area. Either it is in the open nature or the urban area. Every type has different damage that may ruin your home. The termites usually work very slowly to bites trees and woods. In order to identify how to control this kind of pest, it is better to know types of termites that are common to bite the woods.


Types of Termites

First is the drywood termite, they are considered as the worst one, because of their destructive nature that can damage your home. It is considered as a pest since the damage is unseen and build up slowly.

They eat up any soft dry wood, both in their natural habitat or even in your home. The second one is tree termites, this termite lives in living trees and will leave if it is dead. Next, is the humid tree termite.

It lives on dead trees, and humid, but not living in the soil at all. The subterranean termite usually lives underground that has leftover dead wood or decaying wood, but it can live outside the soil as well.

These types may attack not only the natural area such as the woods but also humid places for humans too. Usually, it attacks the ceiling with wet foundation out of the rains, or any harbor with lots of woods and seawater.

The last one is earth termites, and they live under the soil near organic material with cellulose, such as wood carcass and hummus. It also very ferocious since it can attack home foundation from the 200m range of their nest.


4 Common Signs of Termite Damage

The Common Signs of Termite Damage
The Common Signs of Termite Damage


Most people only see the aftermath of the termite’s damage. And knowing that the home is already fragile and easily fall, it’s already too late for saving it, no other ways except to leave it. Therefore, before anything bad happens to you or your family, it better to know how do they work and identify it so that you can prevent any further damage.


1. Termites tunnel

The earth termites or the subterranean termites are building their ways into rural areas, using tunnel made of soil. It is their channel to be going back to their nest and going to find food by destroying woods. The tunnel is as small as a dime, and you can find the tunnel led to a wall.


2. Appearance of flying termites

Usually, the first sign of termite’s damage can be seen by the flying termites. As they are termites that are trying to mate, and they are very interested in lights. Their wings only last awhile, after they shed it for a night, they can be dead or continue being a worker termite to damage another house.


3. Empty sounded woods or thin

Try knocking on some wood, does the sound loud, or not as if it is filled? If the sound is more likely like the first one, then you got yourself a bad wood! The wood that has infested with termites, either they have left it or still working on it.


4. Tight doors, or hard to open windows

The termites are eating woods; therefore, their extract makes some substance that absorbs heat and humidity. It can cause the woods to swell up, so it is hard to open or close the doors and windows. Their feces also can be found under the damaged wood.

Termites always eat every day non-stop. It means if they continually eat and damaging your property, can cause lots of expenses to fix it. There is some solution though, such as calling pest control or doing some prevention before termites are coming. But then it is natural selection, only in some rare case that people has to left the building out of the destroyed property.

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