Termites with Wings What You Know About it?

Termites with Wings What You Know About it? 1

Termites with Wings What You Know About it? – The most common type of termite that often damage wood in the United States is subterranean termites. They are famous for their underground activities colonize and make tunnels. However, besides their wood-chomping habit, you need to know a piece of information about these annoying insects. There are termites with wings. Yes, some of them can fly. They fly at certain times of the year. Fortunately, most of the termites in a colony are workers, so they never fly. Swarmers always fly. So, what should you do if you see termites with wings? What are their facts? Here are the things that you should know about flying termites.

What is flying termites? Also known as swarmers, flying termites are adult reproductive termites. Since the flight is an essential part of termite’s reproductive process, they need to fly at certain conditions. When conditions are right, they often fly. Subterranean termite swarmers develop in their colony.

Then, they leave their nest which located underground to breed and starts a new colony. You can see termite swarms throughout the year, but the most common time is when the weather is getting warmer. You can expect termites swarm during spring or summer. Termites swarm also determined by the geographic location and the species of termites. For your information, flying termite doesn’t fly very well or very far. They will settle on the ground, and their wings will shed. Read Also: How to Get Rid of Termite Swarm in house


How to Identify Termites with Wings

Termites with Wings What You Know About it
Termites with Wings What You Know About it


What does a termite look like? Flying termites are long and dark-brown in color, approximately three-eighths inch long, and the wings can extend beyond their tiny body. You can tell that it is swarming termite if it doesn’t have the pinched waist which ants have. Additionally, flying termites‘ wings are equal in lengths, in contrast with ants’ wings. If you see flying termites in your home, it may be a sign that there will be a new colony of termites comes to you home soon. They are triggered by high humidity and rain. In fact, not all termites can fly. It depends on the stage of their life cycle.

Why flying termites forms swarm? Flying termites are produced only once in each colony. Once a colony is mature, it needs to expand. The flying termites will leave their nest to find mates and form a new colony. Most termites fly during the day. Some of them fly at night, and they use lights as the meeting spots. After fertilization happened, flying termites will settle to the ground, and the wings will fly off of their body to form a new colony.


How to Control Termites in Home

Most flying termites only mate. Meanwhile, dry wood termites are winged, and they will eat wood. Maybe the wood in your home. So, you need to be careful when you see termites. To control your home against winged termites is by maintaining your home properly. This include checks your ventilation, storage, drainage to be maintained properly. The most important thing is having a professional to inspect your home for termites annually or twice a year if you think it’s necessary. However, flying termites in your home is not always a sign of termites.

Because they can blow by the wind easily. If you happen to see a single termite outside a door or window, don’t panic. It’s not always related to a terminate problem. Sometimes, this is a good reason to get a termite inspection to your home.


The Importance of Termite Inspection

Don’t take termite presence in your home lightly. The worst case is that the termites damage your wood and it can cost you billions of dollars in damage. The cost of treatment always increases each year in the United States. If you find termites inside your home, the professional should inspect the foundation of your home. Termite Treatment Cost How Much You Should Spend For Termite Control? The cost of termite control in your home depends on the size of the termite infection. Costs can be discussed with pest control services. You can find information about termite control services on the internet, online advertisements or from newspaper media. Please check first by yourself and consult an expert.

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