Termites Signs in My House and What should I do?

Termites Signs in My House and What should I do? 1

Termites types and how they live? Bugs can be so dangerous even their body is small. Just like the termites, for example, some termites probably can destroy stuff in your house without any signs. That is why people mostly called this one as a silent destroyer. It happens because they are able to chew wallpaper, wood, or even floor.

Even, they are known as one of property damage factors. This insect belongs to Arthropod, and there are more than 2,000 species of it. Most of them have bodies with 0.25 or 0.5 inches in length, and the king and queen are more prominent. They usually build a nest for living as they found the good place to stay.


Termites Signs, Treatments, Types How to Kill Them?

Termites Signs in My House and What should I do?
Termites Signs in My House and What should I do?


Termites and Its Habitats

Termites are categorized into four types: the Damp-wood, Dry-wood, Formosan, and Subterranean. Where do termites live is different depends on its forms. However, they usually live in fallen timber, wooden structure, or rotten trees.The Dampwood species frequently need some moisture. That is why they prefer to live in decayed wood, dam areas, or places with leaking pipes.

Meanwhile, the Drywood just like its name is really like to stay in dry areas. The Formosan becomes the species which has a lot of colonies. They commonly build a nest inside the houses or buildings. Even, the Formosan colonies can be found in boats as well. Lastly, the Subterranean cannot live without contact with the soil. For that reason, this colony prefers to live in wet areas or underground places. Read: Termites with Wings What You Know About it?


Termites Signs in My House and What should I do?

Termites infestation in your home surely can lead you to a damage sometimes. Even, its damage forces you to spend thousand dollars to fix your house. Most damages which are caused by this species happen without any signs. So, if you want to keep your home property safe, you better understand these termites signs as soon as possible.

Termites Signs
Termites Signs



1. Mud Tubes

The Subterranean becomes the species which frequently built mud tube. They build it to give moisture while traveling for food-seeking. So, if you found mud tubes in your homes, they probably live near from it.


2. Wood Damage

Termite colonies like to eat wood whether from the tree or your home furniture. As you found hollow wood in your homes, that is another sign of termite infestation.


3. Uneven Paint

Uneven paint frequently happened due to high moisture. Some species of termite loves living in moisture area. So, be careful of their infestation in that area.


4. Frass

The Drywood colonies often make wood-colored scats as consuming the wood. If you find those things inside or outside the house, this can be other sign of drywood colony infestation.


How to Keep Away Home from Termite

There is some termites treatment that can make your home free from this little destroyer. You can begin by repairing some stuff like leaking pipes, faucets, or AC. Furthermore, make sure that some areas like basements, storage rooms, and gutters clean.

Do not forget to take away standing water on the roof and excessive wood mulch. The last thing, because of termite loves eating wood, you need to get rid its food sources or storage it in the safe places. You can find storage firewood, paper, or lumber away from home foundation.

Otherwise, remove all the debris or stumps away from home. Also, make sure do some checking on wooden furnitures like fences, door, cabinet, and others. Overall, if you found a lot of damages and termite infestation, this could be a severe problem, and you cannot get them off alone. To overcome this situation, calling the professional pest operator can be a good solution. They usually will kill the termite with licensed products, so termite will quickly die and not coming back to your house.

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