Termite Treatment Cost : How Much You Should Spend For Termite Control?

Termite Treatment Cost

Termite Treatment Cost – Termite surely becomes one of the most home destroyers. They can consume wood hosing furniture up to 1.000 pounds less than one year. Even, they can cost homeowners up to thousands dollar each year. For that reasons, a lot of homeowners are willing to call pest professional for doing termite treatments.

However, termite treatment cost can be high sometimes. That is why you need to consider several things while choosing for termite treatment.


How much termite treatment cost?

As choosing for termites services, most people certainly want to get most affordable termite treatment. The cost of termite inspection normally will depend on several things. The more professional services you pick, the higher cost will be you need to pay. While calling for pest services for termites, make sure to keep your home away from wood materials with soil connection. The pest professional commonly will come to your home to check out all foundation, especially the wood constructions.

How much termite treatment cost
How much termite treatment cost


They will search for termite signs such as dropping, mud tubs, wood-damaging, wood shaving, and others. They probably can give free inspection. However, if there are a lot of problems areas, you may get charge up to $150. As getting pest inspection, make sure to pick the trusted one.

Otherwise, you probably get the wrong diagnosis and pay for useless treatments. In order to avoid you from having false termite treatments, here we give you the list of termite treatment cost. Read: Termite Queen: Facts & Information


Chemical Treatments

The cost for chemical treatments normally ranges around $4 to $16 per foot. The pest control will spray the problem areas in your home by using Dominion 2L Termiticide or Termidor Termiticide. Overall, it can cost up to $13.000 to $15.000 for each treatment. Read Also: Termite Droppings Identification



Fumigation is normally used to treat drywood termites. The cost will depend on your home size. This one cost around $13.000 to $25.000. But it depends on how widespread the termite infection is in the furniture or room in your home. Each pest control, they have different budgets and also depends on the location in your country. You should consult an expert pest control directly in your city so you can prepare a budget for termite treatment.


Termite Barrier

Termite barrier treatment is used for protecting your home from termites up to 6 to 8 years. This treatment consists drilling small holes, trenching home perimeter, and others. This one will cost around $2.000 to $3.500.


Termite Baiting

Termite bait treatment is really good to protect your home from termites. Termite Baiting costs about $2.500 to $3.500 depending on your home size. If you are choosing this treatment, it needs to be baited in every four weeks.

There are several factors that influence termite treatment cost. The main factor is the size of termite colonies in your homes. The larger colonies need more time, workers, and manual labor to control. Next, the areas also influence the services costs. If termite does a lot of infestation in a greater area, it requires more resources to work. Lastly, the cost will be higher if termite infestation happens in high-risk places in your homes. Read: How to Identify Subterranean Termites


How Do I Get Rid Of Termites In My House?

How to get rid termite in my house? There are a lot of  termite treatment DIY that you can do as follows:

How to get rid termite in my house
How to get rid termite in my house


Permethrin Dust

If you are looking for natural insecticide, this can kill termites for a long period. Besides termites, this one also can get rid of other bugs like ants, ground beetles, or wasp.


Arsenic Dust

Arsenic can be effective chemical to kick out termites. This has cannibalistic nature where it will be transmitted to other insects from dead termites.



Besides chemical, sunlight can be a great way to wash off termites naturally. So, make sure to open the window during daytime and let sunlight come inside your home.


Orange Oil

You can get orange oil from orange peel extract. Even it includes as the natural ingredient, and you need to be careful as well.  It can make your eyes or skin get irritated. Then, how to kill them with orange oil? All you need is only drill the small hole in the infested area and then pour it there. You will see the result in one up to two weeks.



Termites are pests that nest anywhere, including in your home. Termites make many people lose, even millions of dollars every year. To prevent and treat termite infections, you should contact pest control, because they are more professional in dealing with this pest.

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