Termite Queen: Facts & Information about Queen Termites

Termite Queen and king

Termite Queen lives in a towering, castle-like hill on a hidden African savannah. The queen isolated in a nest that protected by her colony. There, she lays more than a billion eggs once in a lifetime.

Sounds like good literature, right? But, no. Let’s not talk about termite queen who hidden away in Africa. Let’s talk about her scientifically. The early colonial naturalist named the concept of the queen. People who have been studying the fact about termites said that when they dug through the termite nest, they found a large female termite which pumping out eggs.

This means that a large female termite is a queen and she is in charge at the moment. The termite queen is the mother who always did the ultimate sacrifice for her termite’s children. Let’s find out more about her. Read Also About: How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively?


Termite Queen: Facts & Information You Should Know!


Queen Termite Role

Termite Queen: Facts & Information about Queen Termites 1
Termite Queen


If you take a look inside the termite nest, you will know that this place is a place filled with nonstop activity. Each termite has the purpose and highly specified job. The nest is filled with soldier termites, worker termites, as well as a special group of males and females who can reproduce which called “alates.” Every once a year, when the conditions are just suitable such as on a particular damp warm night, flying termites consists of the virgin queen and male out small cracks in their nest and fly into the air. Unfortunately. The flying termites’ flights only last for a while before they settle to the ground. It is the time where the queen termite lands and her wings fall off. Read Also: Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info


Termite Queen Facts

Termite Queen Facts
Termite Queen Facts


If a termite queen happens to meet a king, they will crawl off and dig a hole together. Then, they will dig deeper and deeper below ground and never see the daylight ever again. When the two of them mates, the colony of termites begins. Fun fact is that a termite queen, for 15 years, produces an egg every 3 seconds. Isn’t it quite amazing, right? This is what we called a true sacrifice. Just like a woman who is pregnant, the queen body will swell. At first, the length of her body is like a dime, and she will grow about the size of a human index finger.

What about the king? Like a gentleman, he remains inside a protective capsule in the nest to accompany the queen throughout the life. The king termites, that is a tiny creature compared to the queen, sits next to this huge creatures which can be several centimeters long. It is a ghastly yet romantic at the same time.

The queen will produce a bubbling juice underneath the skin when it is strained and glowing. The termite’s babies begin to feed her and clean her. The queen sweats a liquid which the babies lick off continuously. The workers there carry away the eggs and stack in the small nest. Read: How do you identify termites?

They keep them until the egg hatches. In fact, the termite queen gives birth to the entire nest. What happened after the queen give birth? After giving birth, she is too big to leave the capsule. Although she has wings and tiny legs, she can’t move. Here’s the irony. The queen comes to an end her time. Her babies will gather around her and starts licking her to death. They lick the liquid and fat from her body.

Once the termite queen dies, the worker’s termites gather around her and begin to clean her and wait for eggs. When the capsule dries out, they will move to another nest and create the capsule again. This capsule will be placed by the next young virgin termite queen. Then the life cycle of the termite queen begins again.

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