Termite Inspection Do You Need To Ask Them Come To Your Home?

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Termite Inspection Do You Need To Ask Them Come To Your Home? – Termites are the most destructive pests because they will eat any wooden property fast. Not only wooden furniture, but termites will also damage building structure that made from woods. Since they were hidden in the ground, so you may be won’t notice them for years until seeing their infestation or finding your wooden property already damaged. So, you need to do termite inspection in the house to prevent the destruction of your property early.


Termite Inspection Do You Need To Ask Them Come To Your Home?

Here you can do DIY termite inspection by learning the signs that show your house has already infested by termites, including:

Termite Inspection
Termite Inspection



If you find fallen or discarded wings around your house, those can be wings of flying termites. Take note that wings of flying termites are of the same size, unlike wings of flying ants. There are two probabilities. The wings can be from flying termites from outside your house that come inside accidentally. Or, flying termites are already living inside and build the infestation between the structures of your house.

Both are no good, but the worst is the second option. Flying termites will twist off their wings when they have found a good wooden spot to start their colony. When they come from between your home structure, it means they will build more infestation in your house. So, once you find any discarded wings, you need to take further actions.


Wooden Damage

Maybe it is too late when you realize your wooden furniture have already damaged. However, the wooden damage is the clearest sign that termites are the insects inside your house. They will eat the wood to find cellulose. Soon that will weaken the wood then resulted in huge damage. So, if your house is built with most of the wood materials such as for flooring and walls, you should beware and do terminate inspection regularly. You should take a look at your wooden floors, walls, or other structures at least once a week to identify there is any damage or not.

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Termite Excrement

The next home termite inspection is by checking around any wooden property to find termite excrement. The excrement is like pellets that have dark brown or wood colors. If you find them near your wooden property, it means that the wood has already weakened and the termites have built their infestation inside.


Mud Tubes

You should check the ground that connects to your house. If you see mud-tubes, you should beware. Yes, mud-tubes are tunnels for termites to move from their infestation to other spots. Mud-tubes help termites to maintain the moisture content inside as they need the moist temperature to survive. The tubes will block dry air from the outside to keep the moisture inside.

You can check whether any termites live there, by removing a section of the tube. Follow the tubes, and you may find their infestation. Although you destroy their mud-tubes, they will rebuild it again in an instant. So, you need to take fast action before they damage your property. Read: Termite Droppings Identification 


Poking with Screwdriver

When termites have already chewed the wood inside, it will become hollow. So, you can do terminate inspection by checking the hollowness of your wooden property. Use the screwdriver to poke the wood. If the screwdriver is falling out easily, it is the sign that you have a termite problem. Read: Drywood Termites Facts, Control & Signs


Let the Professionals Handle the Job

If you think the work will be too much for you or you don’t have enough time and knowledge to handle the job, you should let the professionals do the job. As soon as you discover the signs of termites in your house, you can call termite inspection companies. They will come with the proper termite removal and other needed tools to deal with the problem. The professionals are usually someone who will know the signs of termites very quickly and know where they come from.

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