Termite Droppings: The Identification of Termites Presence in House

Termite Droppings

Have you ever seen termite droppings in your house? Or you have not known about the signs of termite presence? As the effect of terminate infestation, the type of insect can cause damage to a building, especially for the wooden materials. So you should know to prevent the damage early.  It is so important to know the signs of terminate droppings as the way to protect in your house from termites infestation. Today i’m going to talk about  how to identify of termite presence in-house.

Before we start to talk about the identification of termite droppings, it is good to know what the termite is. As we all know, termite is an insect. This termite consumes cellulose which includes one of the plant materials. Then, some construction of a building like our house is made of wooden materials which provide food for termites.

Those housing construction also becomes a perfect place for termites to live, reproduce, and grow. Because of that, they are hiding in your house secretly without us knowing their presence until we find damage to some parts of our house.  So we have to know the signs to identify them early. Read: How to Identify Subterranean Termites


How to Identify Termite Droppings

Typically, termite droppings, called as poop or frass of termite, are determined by the type of termite species. There are dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood type. Those droppings look alike in various shapes like oval or hexagonal. You should know that the presence of termite can be identified from the existence of termite frass.

Termite Droppings
Termite Droppings


The termites that build their nest in the wood will make a small hole to throw out the droppings out that looks alike like pepper or salt. It means that the termites are building a colony in that area. Besides that, termite presence can be indicated by another sign detached wings. If you find an area which indicates as the termite infestation in your house you should not clean up the droppings or frass soon. Read: Dampwood Termites : Control, Behavior & Habits

You may observe first to know the colony based on the area dropped. It will help you to consider the way to identify the right location and the how big the colony is because it is not easy to exterminate the colony if you just clean up the droppings. Read: Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info

A part of people has not known that the droppings are not the big problem because they think that it is just small damage to the wood materials of the home construction. We do not know what the inside looks like. It makes the termites can be called silent destroyer because it is not easy to find them.

Before you get a big damage, you should identify the termite colony.  Sometimes, we cannot find the dropping outside because the termites build their nest on the inside of the home construction. Because of that, we should regularly check the area around your house especially for wooden material, like the cupboard, chair, table, or foundation, window, and so on. It is better if you can protect your house before the termites make a home there.

Well, that’s all the discussion of the termite droppings as the identification of their presence in your house. You should remember that although the termite droppings do not exist, it does not mean their nest is not there.

You should obverse and check regularly. If you cannot identify the termite presence by yourself, you can call the termite professional to examine your house you for the termite presence and to exterminate those colony. It may be the good solution for you to clean up and kill the colony professionally.

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