Symptoms of Home Centipede Bite and How to Cure It

Symptoms of Home Centipede Bite and How to Cure It

Symptoms of Home Centipede Bite – Centipede is one of the most dangerous ones. The fangs contain venom that might be poisonous. Moreover, there are also some kinds of centipedes which present around the world. All species of centipede have glands that contain venom.

Then, centipede bite has different reactions. However, the bite will not kill pets or people. It will only cause several problems to people or pets. One of them is an ordinary house centipede which the bite is not painful. The bite of house centipedes is even like a bug bite.


Symptoms of Centipede Bite

Centipede bite as its defense. Whenever centipede feels insecure, it will bite. Then, it also bites for catching the prey. There is also a large species of centipedes which lives in the tropics. These giant centipedes bite is dangerous for people. The larger they are, the more dangerous they will. The giant centipedes grow large since they have too much venom on their body. However, some of the centipedes will not harm.There is also a centipede that can bite people when it is tackled or smashed into the naked skin.

Symptoms of Home Centipede Bite and How to Cure It
Symptoms of Home Centipede Bite and How to Cure It


In fact, centipede infestations are unlimited. There will be some symptoms after getting bitten by a centipede. However, various people will have different symptoms. Rush and swelling are some of typical centipede bite symptoms.

Besides, there are also some home centipede symptoms. For the first, heart palpitations which are an abnormal heartbeat that makes someone’s pulse work too fast or too slow. Second, the bite of centipedes triggers vomiting, tiredness, and nervousness.

Third, after right getting bitten, there will be swelling of your skin. In some cases, this swelling will disappear in some days. Fourth, some cases also found that there will be itching and reddish one are that infected. Make sure that you will not scratch it to avoid inflammation and more infection. Last, there will be some several reactions from people who have allergies. Read Also: Centipede Vs. Millipede: What Makes Them Different?


Centipede Bite Worse Than ALL Stings?

How do you treat a centipede bite? For the first treatment that can be done is don’t get panic. Although the centipede’s bite looks like a snake bite, it must keep in your mind that the home centipede will not take your life. You can treat it well then everything is okay. Make sure that you will not smash the centipede when you find it on your skin. Move it right away then focus on the bitten area.

After that, wash the bitten area by using antiseptic soap. Whenever you got centipede bite, you have to remove it with the antiseptic and clean water. However, don’t scrub it hard or even scratch it. Just wash it gently to make sure there will be no bacteria come. Then, you can get hot compress to reduce some instant pain. If the bitten are is getting swell up, so you can use the cold compress or ice pack. Next, you can take ibuprofen if there is severe pain.

If your skin itching, so you can use hydrocortisone cream. In few minutes, your skin will ease from itching by applying it to the bitten area. On the other hand, there will be a possibility that you get an infection. So, you can directly take consultation with a physician to take antibiotic capsule.

After getting bitten, there is also a possibility the death of tissue or necrosis. Make sure that you get the right cure. In some cases, you will also need Tetanus to conceal the secondary infection. If there are some different symptoms occurs, so you have to go to the doctor for further treatment. Last but not least, make sure you already get rid of centipedes before it bites you again.

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