Stink Bug: Identification, facts, Control & Prevention

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bug

Stink Bug: Identification, facts & Control – Most people normally will see a bug as a tiny animal. Even, some of them often underestimate the dangers of bug. Some of the bugs surely can be so friendly with us, yet others can be a danger to us.

Stink bug becomes one of the bugs that can be so annoying and dangerous for humans. Most people normally called this one as a black bug that smells when killed. They certainly have a bad smell just like the foot-odor. Besides having bed smell, this bug also becomes a serious problem for homeowners. They can cause both interior and exterior damage just like the termites. In the United States, the appearance of this bug can be considered as a new thing. They are believed been brought from other countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Japan, Korean, and China in the late of 1990s.


What does stink bug look like?

The stink bug commonly has different colors depending on its living areas. In the United States, the brown ones are the most common bug that often appears. Meanwhile, they also have another color, which is green, and it normally found in south-central and southeastern areas. From its shape, they commonly have 0.5 to 0.75 inches long. The younger ones get more rounded shape than the adults. They also commonly have light green or black bodies.

Stink Bug
Stink Bug


Now, let’s talk about this behavior of black bug that smells when killed. Just like the boxelder bugs, they will gather together on building walls during the fall.

Meanwhile, during winter they will find other hidden areas. As spring comes, they will become so active and move around at your house. They can enter the home from cracks, open door or windows, and others. Even it is not so harmful, and its unpleasant odor can be so annoying and unwelcome. As you get this bug at your home, make sure to be careful with its infestation. A female stink bug can lay about 20 to 30 eggs during summer. Their eggs will be hatched in five days. Read Also: How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs In Your House


Does this bad-smell bug dangerous for humans?

If you are asking whether this species is harmful or not, the answer is not. They do not bite or sting the human. The only thing that makes this one is bad is its very unwelcome smells. However, they can provide some disadvantages for the homeowners who have fruit trees. Why? This happens because they like to eat fruits so that they can damage tress such as blackberries, beans, tomatoes, soybeans, corn, peppers, and so on.

Even though they like wild plants, they can consume over 50 different plants varieties. The amount of plant damage will depend on how many parts they eat. Commonly, they prefer to eat apples, peaches, tomatoes, blackberries, and other fruits. Moreover, they also like to eat veggies such as corn, green peppers, lima beans, soybeans, and so forth. For that reason, to avoid tree damage in your garden, you can do several ways to get rid of them all as follows.


How To Get Rid Of Stink Bug
How To Get Rid Of Stink Bug


How To Get Rid Of Stink Bug?

  1. Understand the Signs of Infestation

There are several signs to know the infestation of this species at your home. They normally do mass invasions during fall. What’s more, they commonly live or hide in sunny walls to warm their bodies.

  1. Sealing the cracks

The first way to get rid of this bug is by sealing all entryways. You can seal the cracks around the windows, roof vents and doors by using caulk.

  1. Use Chemical Products

Besides sealing all cracks, you apply chemical products on the entryways. This can avoid those smelly bugs entering the house. Read Also: How to Control Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Effectively

  1. Cleaning and Vacuuming

If your house already infested by this bug, you need to do some cleaning and vacuuming in an infested area.  Otherwise, you can use insecticidal spraying that can e used for interior and exterior walls.

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