Palmetto Bug : Size, Habitat, Sign, and Treatment

palmetto bug in the kitchen

Once you heard palmetto bug, some of you may wonder what kind of bugs is that. This bug is another way to call American cockroach. So, what is the difference between palmetto bug vs. cokcraoch? The answer is nothing. Both of them are same bugs which commonly live or hide under the palmetto/palm tree leaves. Besides using palmetto as its name, most people also often called flying water bug, flying cockroach, Bombay canary, water bug, or southern cockroach. Then, what does this bug looks like?

This bug has reddish-brown bodies just like the common cockroaches. The palmetto bug size is normally around 1” to 1.5” long. Palmetto becomes the biggest cockroaches which normally live in our homes. They have six legs and wings, yet they are really bad at flying. Even though most people, especially women, scare and hate this bug, they do not cause danger.


 Palmetto Bug : Size, Habitat, Sign, and Treatment

palmetto bug in the kitchen
palmetto bug in the kitchen


Where Does Palmetto Bug Live?

Talking about its habitat, the palmetto bug has good adaptable nature so that they can live in almost any places. However, if the weather outside is too hot, flooding, or too cold, they often find protection inside your house. That is why sometimes there will be a lot of cockroaches at your home in winter or rainy. The perfect climate for them is in Florida. You can easily find them in several places as follows:

  • – Roof shingles
  • – Hollow trees, woodpiles, shrubs, under palmetto leaves
  • – Foundations
  • – Pools
  • – Sprinkler system
  • – Dirty laundry rooms/baskets
  • – Storage rooms / basements

There are several signs of palmetto bug though they are hard to see sometimes. They normally have a musty smell. Besides, if you find your curtains, stamps, or envelops are damaged with chew marks, this one also could be a sign. Lastly, this bug sometimes will leave its drooping that similar to pepper grains.


Does Palmetto Bite Human?

If you wonder whether palmetto bugs bite human or not, yes this one can bite human. However, they rarely bite people because they normally consume decaying meat or plants. They prefer to eat organic materials, decaying animals, paper, or hair. That is why if you get the palmetto bug bite, you can get some disease which causes pathogens. They can infect your foods with bacteria like salmonella. This not only happens due to its food source but also its unsanitary areas such as drains or sewers. Once you get bitten, you probably will get several symptoms like rashes, asthma, sneezing, or allergic. Read: How to Keep Away from Palmetto Bug


How to Get Rid OF Palmetto Bugs Effectively?

In order to get away these bad bugs, you need to do several things in your homes. Here are several tips to fight palmetto bugs infestation.

  • – Make sure your doors and windows are fit tightly, so they can freely come inside your house.
  • – Never leave uneaten food overnight, even it is your pet food.
  • – Keep firewood away from your house, or place it in up on rack
  • – Make sure to not planting shrubbery directly near the window
  • – Clean your house regularly, especially in moist areas like sewers, basements, drains, laundry baskets, bath-up, garbage can and crawl spaces.
  • – Pay attention to its sign like its droppings or shed skins.

Those are several things that you can do to get away these bed bugs from your homes. This American cockroach sometimes may very hard to find because they likely hide in small areas during the day. They include as nocturnal bugs who like to find food source at night. If those tips cannot make these cockroaches get away from your home, you probably need to contact pest management services. They normally will do professional treatments at your house.

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