Orb Weaver Spiders : Characteristics and Habits

Orb Weaver Spiders

What do you know about orb weaver spiders? This is a name of an insect. You might find near your house. For the scientific name, this animal belongs to the family of Araneidae. To distinguish this animal from the other animal, which might have almost the same in appearance; you have to learn more about the appearance and the other characteristics of this animal. The following paragraphs will give you explanation of how this animal looks different from other and how they survive in their life.

Orb Weaver Spiders and Their Habits

Orb Weaver Spiders
Orb Weaver Spiders


Orb Weaver is a spider that might have almost the same look with the other spider. The problem that comes from this spider is not about their appearance. However, it is more about their habit of making their home or their webs in a large shape. The appearance of the webs that they create is very organized.

The webs have the circular in shape and, when you have experience in Halloween decoration, it will look almost the same. Besides that, the shape of their webs, which become their home, will resemble the wheel with many silks there. The size will be very big when you might find it.

For the general characteristic of this insect, you will find that orb weaver is also a cephalothorax, which means it has the same characteristic with the other spiders in general. It also has 8 legs, abdomen, and chelicerae. If you ask about the appearance in color, you have to know that this insect or this spider mostly has bright in color.

For the legs, it will be hairy. You also have to know that the abdomen of this spider is usually large. However, the shape of the abdomen is sometimes different from one and another.

Besides understanding the appearance of the insect based on its physical characteristic, knowing about its habit will also be something interesting. For example, the species of Orb weaver spiders are usually nocturnal spiders. They will start to work and repair their webs in the night.

For more information, some of the members of this species of spider will tear down their webs’ silk in the morning. Sometimes, they might also consume the silk in too much amount. Of course, it belongs to something that is unique about this insect. Read: How to Get Rid of Spiders In House Naturally


Orb Weaver Spider Catches a Honey Bee and spider facts



Based on the observation, this habit has a purpose of protecting their webs from the dew and also to avoid many other animals to be trapped in their web.

The other interesting facts of this insect will also make you amazed. One of the orb weaver factsis that they will star in their web and only move in the corridor of their web. You have to know that this spider species does not belong to the group of hunter animal.

So, they will only wait for the other animal to get trapped in their web. They might be hiding somewhere near the web, and when something comes to their web and being trapped, they will get something like a signal from their web and back to their home to eat.

Because of their habits in waiting for the foods, they might get some flies, beetles, or moths that perhaps come to their trap. So, these spiders do not need to hunt their meal.

They just need to wait for the meal comes to their home. Actually, will all the habits and also the hobbies of this animal, sometimes it is unnecessary to think about orb weaver prevention since this animal usually builds their webs far from the place where people do their activities. So, you do not have many things to worry, since they will stay away from your home.

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