Mosquito Facts That You Should Know!

Mosquito Facts

Mosquito Facts That You Should Know! – Many people hate mosquito. In fact, these insects are hated by many people all over the world. The insects which carry disease is annoying since they are living by sucking our blood. Not only human but also everything that moves including animals. Although you hate mosquito, we think you should take a look at some mosquito facts to broaden your knowledge. Here are some interesting facts about the mosquito.


Mosquito Facts that Will Make You Wonder

One of the shocking mosquito facts is that they are one of the deadliest animals on earth.  Many cases are associated with mosquito compared with any other animal on the planet, even the dangerous ones. This insect carries many deadly diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis.

Not only human that will be affected by the mosquito, but our pet such as the dog can be affected too. Mosquito also carries heartworm which should be avoided by the dog since it is lethal to this lovely pet.

It is also the fun fact of mosquito. The mosquito that we blame for biting us is the female mosquito. The male doesn’t bite the human. Instead, they feed on flower nectar. The reason why only female mosquito that bites human is because she needs protein for her eggs.

So, they need blood to reproduce. Make mosquito don’t produce young ones, so they will avoid human and choose to feed on flower nectar. When the females do not produce eggs, they are feed on flower nectar too. Also, not all mosquito in the world bites humans.

Some mosquito species bite other animals, and they don’t like human’s blood at all. For example, one of the mosquito species which is a Culiseta Melanura Bites bird and avoid human. Meanwhile, Uranoteniasapphirinawil bite reptile and amphibian.

Mosquito needs water to breed. They just need a few inches of water, and the female will deposit her eggs there. In fact, tiny mosquito larva can develop so fast in roof gutters, bird baths, and also old tires dumped in empty lots. Even some mosquito species can breed easily in puddles left after rain. If you want to get rid of mosquito, you need to check if there is any standing water in your home. Learn how to control them around your home below.


How to Get Rid of Mosquito

Mosquito Facts That You Should Know!
Mosquito Facts That You Should Know!


When there is a mosquito flying around your skin, make sure to slap it with a swatter. A mosquito swatter is made of thicker plastic and metal. This swatter is different with a regular fly swatter. The mosquito one is attached to the end with an elastic wire. The design will help you to have a higher chance of hitting it perfectly.

Wearing mosquito repellent is a must. It is also the best way to avoid them from biting you.  Chemical mosquito repellent is recommended. You can use this on your skin surface which uncovered. You can also wear them in your clothing whenever you are outdoor, especially during the day in summer.

If you want to use sunscreen, you can apply it first before wearing mosquito repellent. Oil-based repellent will be an alternative if you don’t want to use something chemical. There are many natural mosquito repellents that you can use. There are cinnamon oil, citronella oil, and castor oil. Those three are good to keep mosquito away from your skin. Lemon oil and tea tree oil also recommended.

How to eliminate mosquito? You can insect-proof your home by checking if there is any hole or crack in the screen. Repair them with screen patches or silicon caulk so mosquito can’t get into your home. You can also use weather stripping to seal the hole and gap, especially under the doors and windows.

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