7 Best Mosquito Bite Natural Remedy Itching

7 Best Mosquito Bite Natural Remedy Itching 1

Mosquito Bites Natural Medicine. Being bitten by the mosquito is not painful, but it is annoying of its itches and its mark. The bitten part may make your skin redden and blacken, and it may ruin the looks on your fair skin. Using some anti-mosquito spray will help you lose the mosquito, but then the bitten part will not easily go that fast.

If you have a weak antibody, the mark will not go odd to soon, and you don’t want that. To handle the mosquito bites, mark effectively there are ways can do. Either it is naturally or using some medicine, here is some mosquito bites treatment:


Mosquito Bites Natural Medicine


Green Tea

Green tea is rich with antioxidant inside it. Therefore it can help you to sooth your redden skin as the basic ingredient to clear the mark. The first step you need to do is to put green tea on the hot water in a cup for 10 minutes. Then you can use the bag of green tea that already soak up with hot water, and strain in for at least there is no water pouring down anymore. Use the humid bag to the reddened area, and compress it for at least 15 minutes. Clean it up, and do the treatment at least once a day until it is gone.

Mosquito Bites Natural Medicine
Mosquito Bites Natural Medicine



Turnip and Carrot

They have the similar property what is very well to treat red marks. You only need to cut it up and soak it in pure milk for 30 minutes. Use one of the slices in the infected area.



Despite it good taste as your main source of carbs, the potato can also help you in the beauty industry. Unlike the turnip or carrot, the potato is good to use for every part of its, body, so you can juice it up and make the juice as a compress for the bitten part.


Aloe Vera

The aloe vera is well known for their medicinal properties. This is good home remedies for mosquito bites. Either it is for hair or dry skin. It also helps to clean skin irritation because of mosquito bites. Prepare your aloe Viera, then cut the skin off. Use the sticky meat on your bitten area then wait for a few minutes. Clean it up with cold water, to close the pore better.



The honey has many good ingredients for your body. For the skin, you can rub the honey in the bitten area, then wait for a few minutes then clean the honey with cold water. Just like how you do it with aloe vera.


Mosquito Bites Apothecary Medicine

Mosquito Bites
Mosquito Bites


Whitening Lotion

For people who live in the tropical area, there are lots of whitening lotion to make your skin fairer. You can use it to moisturize the skin and to make it healthier and brighter. But be warned to find the natural one, because the infected skin is very sensitive, it can worsen the color and not fade it. Try to use it daily, to make your skin complexion smooth and fairer.


Vitamin C Capsule

The capsule or tablet can be bought anywhere in any store. The Vitamin C is well known to brighten the skin and give nutrition to epidermis healing. Therefore it is very good for any skin problem to be healed soon.



Mederma is one of best mosquito bite itch home remedy. This lotion is specialized in fading any uneven skin and make it smoother. If it can heal stretch mark, it can even heal your bite mark as well.


Bio Oil

Bio Oil comes in tablet, and it is an oil made from natural ingredients and very healthy for your bones and skin regeneration. You can buy it at the nearest apothecary.

There you have two ways to treat those annoying bites. If a problem occurs, or it is getting worsen, you better take it up to the doctor, it may be more than just an insect bites.

Natural mosquito bite remedies help relieve bites around the area. If the next few days a reddened bite, you should come to a specialist.


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