Can Jumping Spiders Kill You Instantly?

Jumping Spiders

Can Jumping Spiders Kill You Instantly? The newest movie of a Spider-man franchise was awesome. Looking at the actor jumped from one building to another, he made it look easy. If he jumps at you, it is certain that you will not be scared of him. However, if a real jumping spiders appear in front of your eyes and they look like they are about to eat your face, I bet you will scream at the top of your lungs and run away from the area.

Is this spider that scary? What makes them scary is their sudden attack. The sudden jumps of jumping spiders are used for when they want to cross long gaps or when they encounter threat from strange and unknown sources like they probably don’t recognize humans as friends, don’t they? Moreover, it is normal for us to feel a bit scared of them due to their unusual appearance, even for some people they are perceived as adorable. To know this species a little better, we have provided you with some fun facts about this little cutie. Here we go!


Can Jumping Spiders Kill You Instantly?

Jumping Spiders
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Jumping Spiders Facts

Throughout times, spiders are labeled bad and dangerous. Some represent those characteristics, but we can’t generalize all spiders. This type of spiders is known for its adorable appearance and noticeable round eyes. Please read also: Camel Spider Facts

  • Amazing jump skill

So, the amazing Spider-man can jump high and far enough to reach the top of a building by shooting a spider web from his wrist for the extra jump. These spiders are better than that because they don’t need to shoot spider web to help them jump. They simply use special muscles to increase blood flow to their legs. It will help them to extend the legs and fly 50 times further than their own body. How cool is that?

  • They can dance

Dance is exhilarating. It makes us happy and tired at the same time, but mostly happy. However, we are not the only creature on this planet who can dance. These spiders can dance as well. The dance is used as a strategy to attract female spiders. This little dance is adorable and unique. The movement involves the male jumping spiders to beat their abdomens on the ground and then wave their tiny, little front legs in the air. Be ready, spiders! There are more spiders jump as the mating dance moves you need to learn before mating season begins!

  • They see everything

First of all, it is exaggerated, but it is true that these spiders have great vision. If you only have two eyes, well guess what, they have four sets of eyes. Two are larger than the others and located in the center of the face, and the other smaller eyes are on either side. Not stopping there, they have four more eyes on top of their cute heads. Each of eight eyeballs can be used differently depends on spider’s intentions. Whether it is to prey on insects for its dinner tonight or to choose which male spiders dance moves is the most attractive.

  • They are not fans of using webs

Many spiders use webs to catch preys, but the jumping spiders. They trap the prey with a sudden jump and great hunting ability. The web is rarely used, for example, to anchor the spider to avoid missing targets or to protect the spider from rain or predators. So, they are still able to make web or shelter; it is just that the web is only used for emergency necessity. Read: Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Additionally, you have read that spider has an outstanding capability to capture its prey differently than the common spider. Luckily, it doesn’t eat human, so we are safe.

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