Is Wolf Spider Bite Poisonous?

wolf spiders

Is Wolf Spider Bite Poisonous? – Wolf spider is one of the most muscular spider species. Most spiders can bite you. They will bite to perceive of danger. Most of them are dangerous based on their venom. Does wolf spider bite? Of course, wolf spider does bite human but it will not deadly. However, symptoms after getting bite by this spider are uncomfortable. Typically, wolf spider is not poisonous but if there any unusual symptoms so you have to call a doctor. To know more whether you are bitten by wolf spider or not, so you can identify some characteristics and symptoms below.


Identifying Wolf Spider Bite

Before identifying whether wolf spider bites or not, you may know the characteristic of wolf spider. For the first, it has a half of inch to a two-inch long body. Most of the wolf spiders have different color based on where they live. The color of their body is brown, black, or gray with some gray marking.

Moreover, the wolf spider named it since it has face looks like a wolf when you take it closer. They will not spin their webs for hunting, but they will directly hunt their prey around.

Is Wolf Spider Bite Poisonous
Is Wolf Spider Bite Poisonous


To make sure whether you got bitten by wolf spider or not, so you have to know some wolf spider symptoms. So, there will be no mistake. The bite of wolf spider will look like other bug bites. It will be swollen, red, and itchy. Then, it will just disappear in some days.

In contrast, there are some people who have allergic from spider reactions. There is some reaction that could appear when an allergic people bitten by the wolf spider. There will be the red line that causes blood infection, the increasing size of the bump, the difficulties of breathing, dizziness, or even unconsciousness. Read: Is Camel Spider Bite Poisonous?


What happens when a wolf spider bites you?

However, if you do not have any allergic reaction towards spider bites so you may not go through some extreme conditions. Some treatments can be done if you got what happens when a wolf spider bites you. For the first, you can elevate your leg, arm, or another part where you have been bitten. It will help to reduce swelling. Then, you can wash the area infected by using water, mild soap, or antibiotic cream. Read: How to Get Rid of Spiders In House Naturally

What happens when a wolf spider bites you
What happens when a wolf spider bites you


After that, you can apply a cool cloth on that area. It will prevent the spread of spider venom. To help you bring down some swelling so that you can take Acetaminophen or NSAID. For another option, you can take antihistamines to reduce itching and swelling.

If the wolf spider bite is getting worse, so you have to contact your doctor for further treatment. After getting the cure, you can also do some prevention. What you have to know is wolf spider is actively moving. It is different from other species that like to stay along in their webs.

Then, wolf spider-like to live in dark place, so you have to keep your home free of clutter. After that, you may also wear long pants and sleeves when you are in outdoor. When fall comes, you may wrap your body well at night since wolf spider will be active at night.

Is wolf spider poisonous? As mentioned before, wolf spider is not poisonous, but it still has venom which is the toxin. However, the wolf spiders will not transfer their venom when they bite on you. So, the wolf spider is not poisonous unless you eat their venom well. So, the symptoms of bitten by wolf spider might not be dangerous. If you find any unusual symptoms after getting bitten, so it must be other infection besides wolf spider. You can get a consultation with your doctor.

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