Skin Condition: Insect Allergy Treatment, symptoms

Skin Condition insect Allergy Treatment, symptoms

Skin Condition: Insect Allergy Treatment, symptoms. Without you realize, the insect around your house may sting on you or your child off guard. For most people, the allergy may be light and can be treated soon. Light allergy can cause a reddened area and a small lump on your skin. But for some people, it could be harsher than that, either it is because of the blood inside the body, or the insect types. Insects like bees can make a mark with their poison sting on their butt, but some kind insects like the mosquito can make a mosquito bites allergy. Find out how to identify the bitten mark, and how to treat it below.


Skin Condition: Insect Allergy

Skin Condition insect Allergy Treatment, symptoms
Skin Condition insect Allergy Treatment, symptoms



Ant Bite Allergy

An ant bite can cause severe damage to human body, especially if it is the red ant, with a more popular name as the fire ant. Some people may have some severe itch, a swollen abscess, and neuron pain caused by its bite. The pain is direct, from since the ant bites, and can last for several hours. If it is not handled soon, it may cause some fever in your body, some rash, and eventually bleed on the skin. Some more harsh effect is some swollen to the face or hard to breathe and talk that is categorized as anaphylaxis shock.

To Handle it you better clean the area with some antibacterial soap and water, then have some cold compress for the bitten area. Use some medicine, either it is natural like aloe vera or toothpaste to calm the heat from it. Wait for a while, and try not to scratch the infected area. In a more severe case, you better go to the doctor soon.


Bee Sting Allergy

The condition caused by bee sting can vary by which species it is and what kind of body you have. Some bees leave their sting to the human body, and if it is not pulled soon, it may cause some serious condition to the doctor. The stages of allergy can be seen some steps. The first stages are of course direct pain in the bitten area. Then it will have some swollen red bump on your skin. It will get bigger and bigger for at least three days until it is getting smaller. In those three days, the victim may get some uneven heartbeat, hard to breathe, and losing consciousness.

In some more serious cases like the continuous sting from bees, it is better to go straight to the ICU, but for one sting, you can compress it with cold stuff, and rub some insect bite medicine to it.


Mosquito Bite Allergy

The mosquito who bites on a human is the female one because the blood is used to give nutrients to their babies. When sucking the human blood, the mosquito excretes some saliva that is rich in protein. The high protein saliva can cause some mosquito bite allergy to human.

The minor allergy can heal on its own, despite its itch. But the more serious condition can be called as skeeter syndrome. It is a harsh reaction that may have the red bump and intense itches. Can lead up to fever and bigger bumps, and even more bumps all over the body, it may also cause some asthma as well.

To avoid the Skeeter Syndrome out of mosquito bite allergy, it is suggested to use some calming ingredient. Such as aloe vera and some ices. You can even use some paste that is made from half baking soda and half water and rub it in the infected area. But not to worry, you can be immune to the bites while you age and if you are born in the tropical country.

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