How to Manage Fruit Fly Infestation

How to Manage Fruit Fly Infestation

Fruit Fly Infestation – These small animals usually appear in summer, at home, restaurant, market, and anywhere, where there are fruits involved. The fruit fly, or Drosophila Melanogaster, especially like fermented fruit juice, out of their strong scent, and even cidery and alcoholic development.

Their danger to humanity is just, and they could shorten the freshness of your fruits. Fruit fly infestation can be very tricky to manage because they are resilient and swift too. Some people like to use the unnatural ingredient to get rid of them, but it could also ruin your fruits as well. But there are ways, to keep it natural and clean if you want to make fruit fly go away.


How to Manage Fruit Fly Infestation

How to Manage Fruit Fly Infestation
How to Manage Fruit Fly Infestation



Apple cider

The favorite way to manage fruit fly infestation is using the apple cider. They are very attracted to their acidic smell, so they could easily trap inside it. You only need to put apple cider in some small container. Add some liquid soap drops and stir it well, close the top of the container with plastic wrapping, poke some hole into the plastic wrapping, to make the flies get in. When the container already filled with flies, then shake it up to kill them and throw them away. To make the smell even more strong, you can boil the cider first, before setting the trap.


Red Grape

The juice of the red grape is full of sweet fragrance. That is perfect to lure the fruit fly in it and make them drunk. Just like the human, the alcoholic nature of the red grape juice, especially when it has been fermented, could make the fly drunk.

Make traps by doing it like the apple cider part, but use a mix of half cup of red grape juice and half cup water in a small container. Then do the rest like apple cider one. Read: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the House quickly


Trap it with rotten fruits

Rotten fruits and a fully grown ripe fruit have the most smell in the lifetime of fruit, either it is the rotten lousy smell or the sweet, delightful fragrance.  The first step is, put some cuts of the fruits inside a container, then do the next step like how you do with red grape and apple cider. But after the flies are inside the container, you need to soak it in a bucket full of water that has liquid soap in it for about 10 minutes. That way the flies won’t fly anymore.


Lemongrass oil

Unlike the three ways, above, this one is different. Because using lemongrass oil, that has nice smell some prevention ways, to keep out of your fresh fruits. Put two cups of hot water inside a clean spraying bottle. Add ten until 15 drops of lemongrass oil. And spray the oil around your house or where there are flies. Because they do not like the lemongrass or any lemon smelling substance. It does well with lemon scented soaps as well too.


Call Pest Controller

If anything above fail, or too long and you don’t want to give much effort for it, then you can do it the easy way. Call some pest controller, and ask for them not to harm your fruit, houses, and health. Because the expert knows some ways to manage any infestation, and fruit flies too. They have special fruit fly spray that keeps your fruit save, and can be clean with minimal effort.

All in all, any infestation can be easily managed, only if you know how to. But any fly will hate some clean spaces with dry and full of sunshine place. SO, keep your place clean to be saved from some unwanted visitor like flies.

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