How to Kill Bed Bugs Effectively?

five ways to detect and how to kill bed bugs

How to Kill Bed Bugs Effectively? After some years sleeping on the old beds, you feel you good at night sleep is not sufficient out of unknown problems. Do you often get itches on your skin after waking up in the morning? Or is there the unexplained red spot on your skin like something out of the Exorcism of Emily Rose?

Some sleeping problem may occur from those problems. Even some of you may underestimate those bites as from mosquito bites. But who knew, in this day and age, with spring bed or memory foam bed for you to sleep at night is infested with the old bed bugs? Those old-time problems the bed bugs are a very small animal that even invisible to the naked eye.


Here are five ways to detect and how to kill bed bugs

five ways to detect and how to kill bed bugs
five ways to detect and how to kill bed bugs


1. Look for their remains

The first thing you can see without any devices, is to seek their remains. The bed bugs are smart animals to hide in-between or under the bed. They are always looking for some gaps to avoid lights. But eventually, these animals may excrete some of the things from their body, and they do not clean well to make some nest in the bed or make some funeral for the dead one. Some of those remains can look like shed insect’s skin, or dead bugs skeleton. If you find any of these on your bed, suspect no more. Since they are the dead proof to get rid of them quickly.


2. Seek for them under the flashlight

Flashlights or any other lighting device is very much efficient to look for the vermin existence. To be more effective, detect their nest by using flashlights by night and turn off the room light. Make sure everything is pitch dark, then use the flashlight on top of the bed surface. This way, if there are some of them, it will look like little dots moving around on your bed.

The bed bugs don’t like lights, so you have to look for them quickly because they might run away and move inside the beds. Those small sizes vermin are very small, you may need some more device to look for it, such as magnifying glass or microscopes.


3. Set some traps

You may not believe there are traps for the small animal like them. The traps are quite simple, just use double tape that you put on the side or corners of the bed, and when they pass it, then the body will stick and can’t move. Wait and let the tape sticks on the side of the bed for at least three until four days. If the tapes are already full of dead, small skeletons or dust, you need to get rid of it and put another one. This way your vermin will decrease, but not entirely wiped out.


4. Suck those vermin out

The vacuum cleaner is another way to go to bulldoze the bed bugs away. Move the pillows or any stuff on your bed and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust, remains, and the vermin out. Do this regularly, at least once a month to make sure that they don’t get comfy with your bed every time. Read: 5 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


5. Use chemicals

You’ve done everything, using tapes, vacuum cleaner, and washing it with soaps, but they keep coming back. What else then? Then use some chemicals, alcohol, and call the pest remover. Buy it from the supermarket, and follow all the step instructed on the package on how to kill bed bugs safely.

Those are five ways to detect and how to kill bed bugs, from the non-chemical to the chemical one. There is one more way to be more effective to ensure there are no more bugs, that is to burn the bed. But then you have to buy another one.


Other alternatives

If all the ways to get rid of bedbugs don’t work either. You should call a local pest control service. This is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs in your home. It may spend money to pay for their services.

But, believe me, pest control services are the best way to get rid of bed bugs. Advice for you, please always clean the bed, dry it, wash it at least 1-2 weeks.

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