How to Keep Away from Palmetto Bug

Palmetto bug

How to keep palmetto bugs out of your house – low sanitary environment can bring several illnesses. Those illnesses can come from some sources. One of them is Palmetto bug which is one of the pests.  This kind of bug is the biggest bug of their kind which is the cockroach. They got their name from the habitat they live which is Palmetto trees.

You can find that type of palm trees in Florida, America. These insects are living under the leaves of the palm trees. Palmetto bug size is 1.5 inches long and has the reddish-brown color. Also, if they bite you, you can have a small red mark that will not leave painful sensation. This article will be more about Palmetto bug.


How to keep away from this Palmetto bug?

You can know their existence trough some signs they leave, such as shed skin, small bite on your papers or envelopes, the droppings that seem like paper in cracks and crevices, and of course a musty smell. These Florida cockroaches are dangerously adaptable. They can live outside and inside your house as long as the place is dark, moist, and high of humidity. If the weather on the outside is too cold or too hot for them to live, they can move into your house and make a large group of them to keep their warm and safe.

It is better to check in several places that might be their home to live. The places on the outside you should pay attention to are a pile of leaves, shrubs, hollow trees, pools, dumpsters, gardens, and many more. Also, you should keep the places inside of your house clean such as kitchens, bathrooms, under sinks, tub drains, basements, the attic corners and many more. After you clean those several places that have high possibility, you should keep maintaining those places to stay clean.

How to keep away from this Palmetto bug
How to keep away from this Palmetto bug


You can cut the grass more often especially the one which near the foundation, keeping all doors and windows in good shape which has no gaps at all, place the firewood away from your house, make sure you do not leave any food uneaten overnight even it is a pet’s food. Read: Do Cockroaches Bite?

Clean and clean some more is the best way to get rid of them. They will always come back every time you forget to clean your house like dirty plates on the sink, crumbs on the floor, the left-over food on the open space will attract them so much. The best trick is removing the all possible sources.

It will keep you away from any bugs sticking in your house. Do not forget to check your pipes from leaking. Another source of their life is water. You have to fix the leaking pipes as soon as possible. It will make them out of your house. Another trick is using boric acid. You can use this acid near the things what attracts palmetto bug. This kind of bug is like the other which is vulnerable to boric acid. It will kill them. You can spread the powder in the kitchen since this thing is safe because it is non-toxic bug killer. Even it is non-toxic, you have to keep it away from foods and, kids and pets reach.

That is all the tips and tricks how to keep away your house from Palmetto bug. The key is keeping your environment stay clean all the time, removing the leaking pipes and close all small gaps in your windows and doors to block their way entering your house. And also, do not forget to clean your backyard from leaf piles, long grass, and shrubs. That’s it! As simple as that.

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