How to Identify Termites Frass

How Do You Clean The Frass

How to Identify Termites Frass (Termite Droppings) In Your House? Termites surely become one of the most dangerous bugs in building or home foundations. In the United States, there are around 45 types of bugs that are categorized as termites.

However, a lot of homeowners sometimes do not know how termite frass looks like. Most of them cannot mention what the differences between ant droppings vs. termite droppings. That is why sometimes they do not notice if there is termites’ infestation inside their houses.


What Does Termites Frass Looks Like?

Some of us probably ever see termite frass on the windowsill or other places, yet sometimes we notice it as ant droppings. Before knowing how termites droppings look like, you need to know how termites appearance. Termites normally have white or pale color. They get antennas and love to live and reproduce inside a house or dead woods. They are really like consuming decaying wood materials. That is why it is really bad for housing construction. Even, they often cause home damage up to hundreds of thousands dollar.

What Does Termites Frass Looks Like
What Does Termites Frass Looks Like


Termites certainly look like ants. They have the queen and live in a colony. The queen could live longer up to 25 years. Even they can produce an egg in every 15 seconds! No wonder why they can damage the housing constructions. One termite colony can consume more than 1.000 pounds wood only in less than one year!

Termite frass is normally divided based on the types of termites. From all termites types, dry wood and subterranean termites become two termites that mostly excrete a lot of droppings. Drywood termite likes to stay in places without soil connection, while the subterranean like living in soil connection areas. Both termites are difficult to find, yet its existence can be seen through its droppings.

Termite droppings normally look like six-sided cylinders. The colors will depend on the colors of wood being eaten by a termite colony. Termites will use its excrement to build tunnels, so termites’ habitat can be drastically different. However, it is commonly found on windowsills, near windows or doorways, or other wooden structures.


How Do You Clean The Frass?

How to Identify Termites Frass 1
How Do You Clean The Frass


Termites frass may not dangerous for us, but it can make our house becomes dirty. In order to make your house clean, you need to know how to clean up termite droppings. The best way to prevent your house from termite droppings is by removing its source or habitat. Here are several tips on how to get rid of termites’ droppings.

  1. Build your house by using non-organic materials. Try to minimize using a large amount of wood while constructing or renovating your house, especially using unprotected woods.
  2. Keep away your home from wood materials. As we know that wood becomes the main food supply and source for termites. If there are some wood items, make sure you stock it in the right places. Never place it in humidity places, this one can expand the termite’s colonies.
  3. Fix the leaking pipes, water lines, or faucets. This can be another reason why they like to stay inside your home.
  4. Don’t let leaky roofs damage your wooden housing furniture. As there is a leaky roof inside your home, make sure to fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can make termites colonies grow rapidly.
  5. Check your home ventilation. Some homeowners do not realize that they own poorly ventilation which causes moisture or humidity environment inside the house. As your home get loads moistures or heat, this can be a perfect place to stay for termites colonies.
  6. Check other foundations outside homes like dead wood or wooden fence. See if there are any damage and termites droppings or not.
  7. Clean your home regularly, especially in damp or dark areas like the basement, storage room, kitchen, laundry room, and others.
  8. Contact the professional pest services

Thank you for reading the article about Termites Frass. Hopefully, the above information can give you benefits, especially for those of you who are curious about Termites Frass.

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