How to Identify Signs of Roof Rats Infestation

how to get rid of roof rats

How to Identify Signs of Roof Rats Infestation –  If you get a question about what is the most annoying pest in your house, most of the people might give the same answer that is roof rats. Not only taking your foods, but rodents living inside the house will give a risk of spreading disease that poses a threat to your family. So, a quick action is needed once you have identified a sign of roof rats’ infestation. In the following, you can learn how to get rid of roof rats that can be easily done by yourself at home.


How to Identify Signs of Roof Rats Infestation

Signs of Roof Rats
Signs of Roof Rats


Before learning how to get rid of roof rats, you should able to identify their infestation. Since roof rats are nocturnal, so it might be a rare sight to see them. Some homeowners might even don’t realize that the rats are living inside their home until they make distinct damage. However, some signs show the presence of roof rats in the attic, including:

  • Roof rat droppings are the most obvious sign of their presence. Their droppings have the length about 1/2 inch with pointed ends unlike rounded ends droppings of Norway rats.
  •  If you have pets especially cats, they might show a sign of stress and agitation because aware of roof rats’ presence.
  • You see roof rats by yourself running on roofs, patios, or outdoor area near your house. There is a high chance that they build their nest in your attic.
  • You start hearing scratching, gnawing, or digging noises in the attic.
  • Check your fruit trees, and if there are hollowed-fruit, it means the rats can be the perpetrators. Sometimes, they might even gnaw on electrical wires around your building.
  • Dirty grey smear as they travel between solid objects such as walls and timber.

Be more alert and do the quick inspection around your house to avoid the damage of roof rats as early as possible. After you ensure roof rats are the source of a problem, you can decide the best way on how to get rid of roof rats for good. Read Also: Deer Mouse : Habitat & Facts 


How to Get Rid of Roof Rats Naturally

When talking about how to get rid of roof rats without poison, using traps is always the best do-it-yourself method. There are several types of trapping methods, including spring trap, snap trap, glue trap, electronic trap, or the ultrasonic device. Read Also: How To Get Rid of the Mice using Mouse Repellent

Follow the steps below on how to get rid of roof rats by using trapping method.

  1. Prepare the materials. You will need the traps and baits. For the baits, you can choose nuts and seeds as they are the most favorite food for roof rats. But, you can also use meats or fruits.
  2. Roof rats commonly walk and run along the walls, so you need to place the traps in every few feet that potentially will be their runaway. Also, place several traps in the attic.
  3. If you use the snap or spring traps, put the bait on the place. Brush the pad with oil so you can pull the bar more easily. Ensure to secure the bar with the clamp correctly so that they can catch the rats at once. Meanwhile, if you use glue traps, you don’t need the bait and just simply put the trap in several spots as they will trap the rats when they walk on the glue.
  4. Finish the step of sealing the potential access points of roof rats, such as basement windows and home foundation. Don’t forget to seal the wires and pipes areas with wire mesh too.

How to get rid of roof rats in a home by using natural pest control like trapping is still one of the most preferred methods than using chemical one. Not only harmless for your pet and family, but non-toxic pest control won’t damage the environment.

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