How to Handle Mud Dauber Wasp in Your Home?

How to Handle Mud Dauber Wasp in Your Home

How to Handle Mud Dauber Wasp in Your Home? – What happened when you see wasp flying near you? Even after hearing their loud fluttering wings voice, a feeling of anxiety and fear will come toward the sting, don’t you? Take a note that you should know that not all the species of wasps are aggressive. There is one called as Mud Dauber wasp that known as the docile wasp. However, you still need to be more careful when accidentally meet them. Check out the following tips to handle this wasp in your house.


What is Mud Dauber?

The first thing you should learn is how to differentiate mud dauber from the typical social wasp. Although they come from the same species of wasp, mud dauber has several distinct characteristics. Mud dauber has the black body with long narrowed waist and yellow legs. They are categorized as solitary wasps that don’t live in colonies, so they prefer to avoid human contact. Unlike social wasp, they don’t defend the nest, so they don’t fight back and won’t sting when you remove their nest. Although they do have the stinger, they only sting if get mishandled or attacked. They only use the stinger for their prey, especially spiders.

The unique characteristic of Mud Dauber is their nest. They don’t build a comb but build 1-inch long mud tubes that almost similar to the termite nest. You will find the nest in sheltered areas such as on the walls, under the eaves, attics, garages, etc. Read: How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets


How to Handle Mud Dauber Wasp?

Dauber Wasp
Dauber Wasp


Although they are docile but also can be beneficial to control spiders at home. Moreover, you can leave them alone since they don’t sting humans. However, some homeowners might find this kind of wasp was also the nuisance. So, there are several ways how to get rid of mud dauber from your home.


  1. When you see mud dauber wasp flying around, identify their bodies. If you ensure you are dealing with the non-aggressive wasp, you can start the job. Spray them with wasp freeze to avoid getting stung as they feel threatened. Throw them away from outdoor and further away so you will sure they won’t go back inside.
  2. Spot their nest carefully and start to do mud dauber nest removal. Don’t forget to spray inside the nest and surrounds to ensure there won’t be one left inside. Remove the mud nest with the broomstick, knives, or other tools that can scrape the nest off easily. Spray the residual mud with water to wash off the trace.
  3. Continue the step by mixing a solution of a tablespoon of peppermint extract with a bottle of water and fill them up inside a spray bottle. Peppermint sends a strong smell which mud dauber hate. So this solution can be an effective way to keep them away and won’t back anymore.
  4. Spray several sheltered areas that can be a potential spot for them to build a new nest.
  5. You can also paint the wood trim or the walls to discourage them construct another nest.
  6. Seal all the cracks or other potential entrance for the wasp to start the nest construction and also a hiding spot for spiders.
  7. As spiders are their main prey, so removing their food source is another way to go. You need to clean up your house from spider webs regularly so mud daubers won’t come inside and build their home in your house.

As you know you don’t need to worry anymore about mud dauber sting, you can handle them with more ease. However, you still need to be more careful about handling them to avoid the worst.

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