How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets – Yellow jackets are kind of insect which often disturbing human. Compared with paper wasp and bee, yellow jackets are active socially. They also aggressive when it comes to food gather. They can also become quite pugnacious whenever something disturbs them. However, yellow jacket can also beneficial to human. If they still disturb you, you might want to know how to kill yellow jacket.


How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket

When you think there is a yellow jacket around you, make sure that it’s not a honeybee. Yellow jackets are one of the mist aggressive wasps. Different with several common wasps, yellow jackets share the same distinctive features as bee such as black and yellow color. However, these wasps are thinner than bees. They also have wings, hairy, and less round than bees.

If you think the insect around you is a honeybee, do not kill it. The honeybee has an important role in our ecosystem. Whenever yellow jacket flies around your home, you need to open the door and windows immediately to prevent the threat. You need to provide an escape route for them. It’s not recommended to herd them. There is a risk that they might sting you. If you find their nest outside, make sure not to open a door and window next to it.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket
How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket


If you have food that interests them, just leave it. If you want to take nay food or drink, you just anger them. If there is food or drink that surrounded by yellow jackets, just let them be. After that, you should cover other foods and drinks quickly. Then remove them from the yellow jackets’ area.

But you can use food to lure the wasp. Yellow jackets are often come to homes to search for food. You can also find them buzzing around the garbage can. You can lure them with meat, fruit, and sugary drinks. If they don’t interest in a piece of food that you prepare, you can try to eat the food to make them land.  Another trick is by placing food inside a sealable jar. When the wasp has landed, you can seal the jar and release it when you are outdoor.

When the wasp lands on you, keep calm and don’t panic. If you do aggressive movements, it will make the wasp sting you. Don’t make any sudden movement if it lands on you. Just wait until it flies away from you. If this trick doesn’t work, you can move slowly.

Use gentle effort to reach for flyswatters or newspaper to kill it. But this way can increase the risk of you getting hurt. If you strike and fail, you do not only get hurt but also get stung by the wasp. It’s not recommended to spray insecticide since the spray can get on you. It’s not only you who will be in danger but also other people in the same area. How to eliminate yellow jacket? You can use a soapy trap. Fill

You need to locate the nest to kill yellow jacket. The nest can be found in the ground, beneath porches, and sometimes in the voids of a wall. If you find the nest, you can spray it with insecticide. This will apply if the nest is small. If the nest is large, it’s better to call a professional pest control to take care of it.

Most nests are located in the place which difficult to reach. But if you want to handle the nest by yourself, make sure to protect your skin. Wear long sleeves, pants, sock, and hat. You might want to wear mask and glasses if it’s necessary. Don’t forget gloves and boots.

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