How to Get Rid Of Earwigs in Home?

How to Get Rid Of Earwigs in Home? 1

How to get rid of earwigs? This s the question that will appear to many people if they see many earwigs in their home. Before you know about the way to get rid of earwigs, let’s check the information about earwigs first.


Earwigs’ Facts

Earwig also knew as Order Dermaptera is an odd looking insect that has forceps or pincers appear from its abdomen. For many people, there are look intimidating looking. In fact, it is not poisonous. Earwigs also don’t spread disease. The size varies, it depends on the kinds of it. Adult earwigs range from 5 to 25 mm in long. Earwigs have two different wings. The Dermaptera means “skin wing” since the wings look like skin.


What is an Earwig?

It has been recorded that there are more than twenty species of earwigs which habit in the United States. Some species produce a smelling liquid that they use for protection. They also produce scent. Many scientists believe that the reason why earwigs cluster together in such a great numbers is that of the pheromone.

There is a myth that earwigs can get into our ears and lay eggs on entering the brain while we sleep. However, this is still a myth. There is no scientific basis. Many people afraid of earwigs since they have pincers on the back of their abdomen. In fact, earwigs use their pincers as defense, and they use it for sparing with rival earwigs.

Similar other insects which have multiple species, Earwig habits vary. The different kinds of earwigs usually tend to habit in wet areas that are cooler and covered. This animal could give you severe problem to your garden, and it will damage it.

The earwigs can live well if the place provides everything they need such as soil that fulfilled with food and water. Some species of earwigs are a predator. Although this is a rare case, another fact is that they are fast-moving insects.

Earwigs are nocturnal insects, so they search for food at night. They hide in cracks or holes in damp places during the day. They also live under logs and rocks in the bush in flowerbeds.

What do they eat? They eat other insects and plants. They also attracted to lights. Earwigs can become a nuisance during summer evenings. You can find them in patios and porches. Later in the morning, they gathered under things such as cushion which was left overnight outside.


How to Get Rid of Earwigs?

how to get rid of earwigs in home
how to get rid of earwigs in home


Earwigs can move into your home to find food or water. The change in weather also one of the reasons why they seek for another place to habit. They usually fly around door and windows to find gaps. Sometimes, they just happen to wander inside your home through open windows or doors.

Earwigs tend to live in damp, cool places. They also prefer to live inside when the weather is cold outside. The most important part to note when you want to control earwigs is by eliminating their places. Below are tips on how to get rid of earwigs:


Clean up

This is the most important and easiest thing to do. Move logs, garbage cans, decorative stones, landscape timbers, wet things (boxes, wood, etc.), and firewood piles away from your home. Clean the dishes right away so they can’t habit there.


Check drainage

The key is proper drainage. Examine downspouts and gutters thoroughly to make sure they can drain away from the foundation.


Sealed possible entry points

Sealed gaps on the windows and doors. Repair cracks or holes in your home. Crawl space vents also need to be repaired.


Adjust exterior lighting

Adjust exterior lighting to shine since they can attract it. Change light bulbs to yellow is necessary.It will help you avoid Earwigs. Thanks hopefully article about how to Get Rid of Earwigs above can help you.

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