How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively?

drywood termite

How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively? – If you start to notice that there are tiny holes in wooden areas of your house, or you sometimes hear the hollow sound that occurs when you knock your wall, then this is a right time to be warned. It might be possible that your house is attacked by the termites. How serious is this infestation? It might be more serious than you just expect. How to get rid of drywood termites in your house? Check these tips below.

Before you jump to the several tips that help you to rid of the termites, then you should know first related to one of the main dangers is that they can be your very secret enemy. You do not have to always to observe their life path. They might enter your house from bypassing your foundation and they are very fast and start to empty your wooden floors inside of your house.

So, this article is useful when you are noticing this problem and if you want to protect your house form the occurrence of these terrifying insects. And we can learn what the termites are, why they can destroy your accommodation and what most effective ways to control this pest, so on.


How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively?

drywood termites
drywood termites


So, what are termites?

They are small insects in white bodies which is pretty similar with ants. There are many people who think that termites have flanks, however it’s not true. The termite colonies involve the wingless and winged reproductive forms and there are many wingless workers, soldiers and nymphs as well. So, they are follow this strict hierarchy and when you find out them in real life or at least look them in some online images, you will barely mistaken other insects for termites. Read Also: Ways to Control Drywood Termite


The damage of termites

You should know that termites eat the cellulose. Most of the wood contain of cellulose and other formations of this material, such as cardboard and paper. When you are talking about wild animals, then you might be hard to tell that termite as pests because they might only eat the dead wood. But, because of houses were made from processed wood, then they can be a great treat for this insect. Termites consume property from wood, floors, walls and harm many people to millions of dollars every year.

Damages Caused By Termite
Damages Caused By Termite



What signs that your house was infested with termites:

  • The rot – the pieces of rot close with the holes can be described as the sign of termite’s infestation.
  • Tiny round tunnels or holes – as mentioned above that termites will gnaw the tunnels and holes which is means of eating and their way to travel. If you spot any cracks or even other damages, then you can try to get it bigger and check whether it’s usual damage or sign of termites.
  • The muddy tubes – the termites are clever and can be invisible for long time. They can make mud tubes from the parts of wood and soil and they use it to travel inside these tubes.
  • The waste – This insect can hide their presence very well, however they are very poor when hiding their drooping. Then, you can track this insect.
  • The wood that attacked by termites has passages that are covered with earth like stuffs and might be rotten look – after you suspect that wood by using tool, then there are so many hidden termites will be spill out.

So, this is essential to check your wall and flood in overall rooms and outbidding as well. You do not forget with your wooden furniture as well. So, do not be lazy and check every inches and pay attention to suspected area and wooden areas. If you hear the hollow sound when you knock it, then it might sign of termite infestation.

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How to get rid of drywood termites?

How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively
How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites Effectively


Find out where you most frequently noticed the termites. The young termites are very attacked by light, but if you find out that this insect crawls out from the foundation, then it’s likely that they live inside your house.

So, can you get rid of this pest by your own? This is very possible to rid of this pest by your own unless the population is relatively small and only invaded in your small area. Keep in mind that ridding your house from the termites need the special skill and need much knowledge related to the building construction in order to identify the critical areas where termites are highly entered.

There are so many entry points that all of them are hidden and hard to access. Even the termite control requires the special equipment, such as the tank, soil treatments rods, drills and more.

You can use the barrier applications for the insecticides that can be made around the structural of perimeters by professionals through drilling, ridding or trenching. Even you are able to use injection from the insecticidal liquid, foam or dust which been directly made for drywood termite or you can protect the tubes as well. Then you are also able to use baits that installed in your backyard in specific plastic stations.

They can taste this bait then try to share it with other insects. After that, all of the insects which tasted this bait die. In many cases, the bait can be combined with liquid insecticides.

Then one of the most effective ways that you can try is termite tent that used to rid of the termites in big scale. This is a process where your house will be coated with the sealed tent that made from nylon. After covering your house, then it will be filled by using the poisonous gas that work as the exterminator for these termites. This method is so useful for those who want to rid of the termites effectively. Read Also: Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info


Things to know when you choosing termite tenting

You should know that these termites can develop in overall your wood areas and leave the tunnel behind. They do it while eating the structure of wood which is done in order to build up the tunnel for their movement. In the same time, you should know that this process will take several days and you should evacuate your house. Ensure that you already have the alternative arrangements.

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