How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees around Your House?

How to get rid of carpenter bees naturally

How to get rid of carpenter bees naturally? –  Bees are scary for many people. On the contrary, they appear unique to many others. The bee family has many types of bee species, and one of them is the carpenter bee. The carpenter bee is a name given to a type of bee which lives in hard plant material like dead wood or bamboo.

That is where it gets its popular name. Sometimes, bees are flying around human’s residence to find food source-flower. When a lot of carpenter bees visit your house, it will not be a good time. It is how to get rid of carpenter bees around your house safely.

The bees are harmless when you leave them alone. They visit your backyard or flower garden to find a food source. It is important to know that only the female that has stingers, so they will not sting you even though you provoke them in any way.

And it is dangerous if you tease the female carpenter bees. That is why this tips of ‘how to get rid of carpenter bees without killing them’ is important because you should know that a female carpenter bee will sting you when it is caught in the hand or is provoked. Here are the tricks to get rid of them.


How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Naturally

How to get rid of carpenter bees naturally
How to get rid of carpenter bees naturally


Invite them to a party!

It is not an actual party. As science and practice have proven, carpenter bees hate noise which means they cannot tolerate a certain level of noise. It has been suggested that you place a boom box or a speaker near the bees’ nest which is usually a hole in wood. The vibration produced by the noise disturbs them, so it makes them leave the nest hopefully forever. This trick of how to get rid of carpenter bees will not kill them. It will merely force the bees to fly away. This trick is safe and hassle-free. Read Also: How to Treat Carpenter Bees Sting?


Paint your wood

Wood objects such as doors, roof, windows and more are easy to be dug when it is not painted. Even though carpenter bees do not eat wood, they do make a tunnel in the wood for shelter. In order to avoid this event, paint all the outdoor wooden surfaces around your house. This will reduce bee infestation. The majority of cases have shown that these bees are mostly attacking wood that has not been treated like painted or polished properly. That is why; paint the wood around the house is an essential thing to do. Other than painting the wood, you can also choose a great quality wood material in the first place and then cover it with coats.


Choose a hardwood

Softwood is used very often in building houses. It is the most common type of wood. Even so, it is also the easiest type of wood for carpenter bees to dig tunnels into. Meanwhile, hardwood is highly suggested to use to replace the softwood. The characteristic of hardwood which has a complex structure makes hardwood not edible to these carpenter bees. The types of hardwood are cherry, maple, ash, and oak. When making furniture or building something in the house, it is better for you to use hardwood instead of the usual softwood. This how to get rid of carpenter bees can prevent from carpenter bees attack. Read Also: Hornet Identification

Despite the tricks above, bees are beneficial for some reasons: pollination and honey production. That is if you are a beekeeper or a gardener. To the other people, carpenter bees cause damage to woods around the house, because they create a hole in the wood to nest. Try any of the tricks to stop them.

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