How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product

How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product

How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product – Have you ever seen bed bugs? It is a small insect that can live in every corner of your home. This tiny and brownish insect has flat bodies but will swell and get red after feeding. If you feel itchy recently, you have to be aware of this insect’s existence. Although most of them will not bite painfully, it will become itchy welt.

This insect will come to your home undetected since it could come through your clothing, luggage, or other used items. It does not fly but can move over ceilings, walls, or floors quickly…


How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product

How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product
How to Get Rid Bed Bugs without Using Chemical Product


Signs of Bed Bugs’ Infestation

Even though you can’t see it clearly since it has a small size, there are some signs of their existence in your home. First, if you feel itchy in an area that you did not have before after waking up so you might have been bitten by this small insect. Second, the sign of this insect’ existence in your home is when there are rusty or dark spots like its excrement on walls, bed, mattresses, sheets, and clothes.

Third, if you find their shed skins, egg shells, and also fecal spots, so that is where this insect hide in .your home. Fourth, you can check your pillowcases or sheets as there are blood stains or not. If there are blood stains on those items, so it must be them. Read Also: 5 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


How to Do Bed Bugs Treatment

After surely found there are these small insects, you can do some steps to get rid all of them. As the first step to getting bed bugs treatment, you can do some cleaning where they live. Here are some steps that you can do for getting rid of all of them:

  • Wash all of your curtains, clothing, linens, and bedding in hot water. Dry all of them in the highest dryer. On the other hand, you can also out shoes, stuffed animals, and other items that cannot be washed in the dryer as well for 30 minutes,
  • Get a stiff brush for scrubbing your mattress, so all bed bugs and their eggs are gone,
  • You can vacuum all the surrounding area and your bed frequently. After that, you have to place the vacuum cleaner bag directly and immediately to a plastic bag. After that, make sure that you store it in outdoor garbage,
  • After cleaning mattress, you can encase it then zipper it to keep this insect entering again,
  • To get rid all places that this insect can hide well, you have to repair the crack of your wall of glue down the peeling wallpaper,
  • Keep your bed clean.  Read Also: Does Alcohol Get Rid of Bed Bugs?


Protect Your Home from Bed Bugs

After cleaning all items that might infest by these insects, you also have to take some prevention so they will not come back to your home. There is some way on how to prevent bed bugs naturally. First, you have always to check your couches, beds, and other furniture to make sure there is no sign of their infestation.

Second, you can try to isolate some unit in your home by installing door sweeps for discouraging movement. Also, you can also seal the crevices or cracks around light sockets, baseboards, and other areas to close the way they will come into your house.

This small insect will not transmit any disease. However, it will become a little bit nuisance for some reasons. So, you have to keep your home clean to avoid the bed bugs that will make your skin rash and itchy. Since it can develop fast in a month and can produce more than three generations in each year; you have to be quicker to get rid all of them from your home

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