How to Get Giant House Spider?

Giant House Spider

Giant house spider is one of the biggest spiders. The male type of this spider has 4 inches leg while the female one has up to 2 inches. Mostly, they are beige, brown, or orange with gray or beige on their legs. You can found them inside a house, whether on the ceilings, showers, tubs, walls, or even dark basements. The female spiders have 40 to 50 eggs for each reproduction. However, there is only one to two percent of them that can be survived.

Based on giant house spider size, it must be the biggest one. However, it can be found in your house. Sometimes they prefer to hide in the dark place. So, you have to be more aware of the dark space in your house. There is the possibility that they live there. For the sign of their infestation, they will be found easily in summer to early fall. It is a season for the male to seek female for mating. In this situation, you have to be more concern about the possibility of their infestation into your house. Read: Brown Recluse Spider Bites Treatment and First Aid


How to Get Giant House Spider

How to Get Giant House Spider
How to Get Giant House Spider


There are some ways to get rid of giant house spider in your house. For the first, you have to make sure that the spiders will be out of your home. You have to seal up your home if there are holes and cracks in your house. It will block the giant spider to come into your house. Since some of insects and spiders are attracted by lights, you can keep your outdoor lights off. You can also block the lights from indoor your house by using shades or blinds so the lights will not go on the outside of your house.

After from outside, you can also do some steps on how to get rid of giant house spiders from inside your house. To remove spiders from your house, you can vacuum the spider webs and spiders. As you know that spiders build their webs to trap their prey, then they will live near their web. So, to remove it you can clean the web away by using vacuum cleaner or broom. After that, you can also apply a residual insecticide on cracks or every corner of your house. You can use any pesticide to spray on where the spiders live. However, make sure that you follow the instruction on the spray product. Read: Orb Weaver Spiders : Characteristics and Habits

If the prevention and control of giant house spider cannot kill all of them in your house, so you can call the professional. This is the last step that can be done. By calling the professional exterminator, they will apply the stronger chemical that will be more effective to get rid them out of your house. However, make sure that you did some consultation to tell your problems and ask the effect of the chemical pesticide that will be used. Some of them need to vacate of premises in several days since the uses pesticides are too strong.

The giant house spider lifespan is about two to three years. Some of them even can live up to six years. It must be longer than other species. That is why it can be easy to get rid of them. Once you remove the webs, the spiders, and eggs so they will not infest your house again. As long as you do the prevention, so they will not appear again. Make sure that you keep your house clean. Avoid the dark space and the lighter lights in your house since it can attract them to hide in your house for a long time.

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