How to Control Boxelder Bug Easy And Safe Methods

How to Control Boxelder Bug With Easy And Safe Methods

How to Control Boxelder Bug With Easy And Safe Methods? What is fast way to control Boxelder Bug? Boxelder bug also known Boisea trivittata is one of the nuisance insects in your house. They will try to enter your house with hundreds of colonies. It must be the frustrating one since they are a sap suckers that like to penetrate plant tissue. However, they will not damage any properties in your house. Still, it triggers displeasure odor and filth that will be the most nuisance thing in your house. In that situation, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. More numbers of them, more nuisance they will be in your house.


How to Control Boxelder Bug Effectively?


Boxelder bugs how to get rid of them? If you found there are so many boxelders in your house, so you have to start to do boxelder bug control. Although there is no their infestation in your house, you have to still take prevention. For the prevention, you have to block any possibility the door for this bug. You have to make sure that you cover all the opening space with the fine screen to prevent they will come into your house. After that, you have also repaired some loose of siding by using patch cracks. Then, you can also take prevention from outdoor. You can take horticultural oil to spray on the tree around your house.

How to Control Boxelder Bug With Easy And Safe Methods
How to Control Boxelder Bug With Easy And Safe Methods


On the other hand, you can also take insecticidal soap or pyrethrin spray to your tree. It will reduce the infestation of boxelder bug to come into your house. Then, you can also sprinkle the diatomaceous earth or borax to the bottom of your window and your door. Blocking the entryway of this bug is effective. You can also take a help from professional to do some prevention and block their entryway. However, as long as there is no infestation your prevention is still enough.

If you already found the infestation of boxelder bug, so you can do some control by using some treatments. For the first, you can take chemical insecticides. You can spray this chemical for your doors, windows, siding, garden, cellars, vents, garages, siding, and sheds. Secondly, you can also do control by manual methods.

You have to remove the female boxelder trees form your yard. One thing that attracts more bugs is the female boxelder. So, you can try to remove the female boxelder first to remover other. After that, you can take predators like spiders and praying mantis. You can attract both of them to remove all the boxelder.

You can also make a boxelder bug trap. When you see them gathered around, you can spray on them by using jet stream. If the numbers of boxleders are not more significant, so you can try to take a trap. You can use the jar as a trap then release them or kill them directly out of your house. Make sure that you wear a gloves in case you need to force them.

For another alternative, you can also try to get rid of them by using organic insecticides. You can remove them by boxelder bugs dish soap. Mix 15 to 30 mil of dish soap with water in the bottle spray. Shake them well, and then you can use it as the soapy solution for boxelder. Why does dish soap effective to kill them?

There is a theory told that soap could make their skin hardened then make them dehydrated. When the bugs dehydrated, they will die slowly. On the other hand, you can also use borax which is also effective to kill them out of your house. As like as dish soap, borax also effective to destroy the cell membrane of the bugs. So, this bug will also make dehydrated and die slowly as well.

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