How Do You Get Bed bugs at Your House?

How Do You Get Bedbugs at Your House

How Do You Get Bedbugs at Your House? Cimex Lectularius that is more commonly known as bedbugs, it is the small insect with eight legs, a cousin of spider that bit human at night and lives. It feeds off blood from hot-blooded creatures as their life force. To live and breed, the bed bugs must live in a habitat with 21-26 o Celsius.

The bed bugs are a resilient creature, which even when there’s no blood. It can live, as long it is above 12oC and maintains a more passive movement. They have a round and thin body that makes its nest on materials like cotton and woods. An adult bed bugs can reach over 0,5 cm and has grey, brownish colors.

The female can lay eggs for up to 300 eggs in her lifetime. The white eggs will stick on the surface of the bed, and hard to detect if the bed has light color as well. Now for the dangerous part, they like to bit the exposed skin on the human. It may be the skin or the leg or any other. Their bitten part looks like a straight pattern. Then, you may wonder How do you get bed bugs on your bed?


How Do You Get Bedbugs at Your House?

How Do You Get Bedbugs at Your House
How Do You Get Bedbugs at Your House


Some insects love the dirty environment and small spaces for them to hide, but not for bed bugs. Bed bugs can live in any bed condition, whether it is clean or dirty. It also likes to live where the bed is used by many people, like the hotels or dormitory. Their thin and small body makes them spread by any clothing movement.

It can move from one place to another, as long as it is cotton or woods. They love the humid area, and they hate any place that is dry, having a nice smell, or having showered with sunlight. The bed bugs may seem nocturnal, but they can bite you any time of the day. Because as long the place they live have decent heat, and humid (from human sweat) they are verily active in their life.

If you see any black spots on the bed, it may be their excretion that dries and sticks on the bed. Their shed skin is brownish and can pile up on the end of the bed.

Or if you find some blood spot on your bed, it could be from your blood after they bit your skin, or from their blood, being squashed by human bodies.

They make their nest slowly, and they smell bad. But it won’t smell as bad if they are in a small number. But if start to smell something from your bed, you better go find out something to clean them, it maybe that they may make their republic down there.

Therefore, you can use a vacuum cleaner to make suck their life, or you can use some insect repellent for them to go. The sunlight is very effective to make them, so you can dry your bed often if you don’t want them to live. The body reactions to the bed bugs bite are usually small bumps, but it is still annoying if it occurs often. It is better to keep your place to sleep to stay clean and healthy.

Because small bumps may go bigger if you don’t take care of yourself. So after you travel, try and always clean any cotton, clean yourself, and give disinfectant to your gear, you never know what you’ll get after the travel. Not buying used bed is very much wise, you don’t want to go to bed with a colony of bed bugs inside it, right?

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