Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info

Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info 1

Flying Termites – After the rainfall or when the weather has started to get warmer, the view of termite swarms is common. In some case, homeowners might don’t know that there are termites inside their house until they see flying termites swarming inside their house. The grounded termites have already a big problem since they are hidden while eating your wooden property for years. However, when they start to swarm inside your home, it will be more problematic.It means they are ready to breed and start a new colony that is going to cause a bigger damage to your property.

You must don’t want more termites inside your house, do you? So, you should do some removal to get rid of flying termites and control them effectively. You can control flying termites in house easy here!


Flying Termites : Control, Identification Info

Flying Termites
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Bug Zapper

Bug zapper is a traditional way to zap pests to death, including flying termites. The light sources from bug zapper will attract most insects that love lights including termites. When they alight on the zapper, it will electrocute them to death. When using this method, you need to turn off as many as lights in your home as possible.

If you let some light sources on, it will reduce the chance winged termites attracted to the light from the bug zapper. So, usually, bug zapper will be more effective when used outside the house during the night.


Orange Oil Spray

Most professionals will recommend us to use orange oil to kill termites effectively, including that winged one. Orange is a citrus fruit that has the specific compound which the smells is quite strong and great to kill termite.

It is why you might often see some commercial insecticide for termites contains orange oil. You can purchase orange oil in the store. Mix the oil with enough water in a spray bottle. You can use this orange oil spray to deal directly with any flying termites that you see swarm inside your house.

You can also spray some spaces in your home to prevent those termites that lost their wings to mobilize back to their nest. When you have already found their nest, you can pour the orange oil mix into the holes directly to kill the colony.



Killing the flying termite swarms isn’t an efficient way to stop them from appearing again in the future. You need stronger means to exterminate the termite colony completely. When you go to the pet store, you will find termiticide or a chemical insecticide that specifically designed to kill living termites. The compounds in the termiticide are hazardous to them.

Pouring this liquid chemical into the gaps between soil or termites’ nest holes is the best methods to kill the colony and prevent the winged one to reproduce. You can also spray the termiticide around the foundation of the home and every crack or hole in the walls that can be a space where termites come into your house. However, you should be careful when spraying the chemicals since it is hazardous. Always follow the instruction.


Boiling water

Boiling water can be the first aid kit to deal with termites at home. When you have no time to go to the store to purchase the termiticide, you can boil lots of water. Remember, boil, not hot. Pour the boiling water directly into the termites’ nest holes to kill the colony inside.

Of course, maybe you can’t kill all of them at once. You might need to pour it several times until you ensure there are no more flying termites in-house. So, do you have any other methods that will effectively deal and control those termites inside your house?

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