Fire Ant Bites Identification

Fire Ant Bites

Fire Ant Bites – Once we see an ant, we may think that it is only a little creature. However, there are several species of ant which can be dangerous for the humans and pets. The red fire ant is become one of the dangerous pests in the United States and other countries. Once you get fire ant bites, you can feel pain just like burned down with fire. That is why this one called fire ant. Looking from its appearances, fire ants can range in size up to 0.25 inch in length. They have red-brown colors and live inside nests in grassy places such as pastures or lawns.


Why Does Fire Ant Bite on Human?

Fire Ant Bites
Fire Ant Bites


Fire ants are not too harmful to human. They eat only vegetables, animals, and fruits. However, once you disturb their colony and nest, they can be very aggressive. They will protect themselves by stinging human’s skin, releasing a toxin called solenopsin. Once you get fire ant bites, you can get some symptoms such as burning stream, itchy, swelling, bumps, or allergic reactions. Even, its bites can cause intense and instant pain.


Fire Ant Bites Symptoms

The bites of fire ants can cause several pain and marks on your skin. The common ant bite symptoms are swelling, bumps, irritation, allergy, and itchy reaction. The bite normally will cause burning and pain sensation. If you are wondering how long do fire ant bites last, it could be varying to some people. Most bites normally last for days or weeks, and it depends on the number of the bites. If you get multiple bites, it can cause small and semi-circular bumps. Some bites can cause only bumps and itchy, while the rest cause intense pain.

For people with allergic, fire ant bites can produce anaphylaxis only in minutes. The venom consisted in fire ant own about 46 proteins which cause skin irritation. Even, some studies said its venom contains poison which attacks our nervous system. That is why sometimes people can get hallucinations as bitten by the fire ant.

The bites will begin with short-lived burning pain which lasts in a few seconds or minutes. After that, it will turn into burning and itching reaction which can be intense. The itching reaction will get worse in the next hours or days. Even, the bites can produce bump and marks which look like a pimple. However, you can get rid of the bites reaction by doing several treatments.


How to get rid of fire ant stings

There are several things that you actually can do to get rid of fire ant bite swelling, itchy, bumps, redness, allergy, and others. Once you get the bites, don’t make it left untreated, especially if you get some skin allergy. This one can cause a worse reaction and make your body goes into shock. The allergy can be fatal and cause several serious problems such as nausea, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and dizziness.

For the allergic reaction, you need long-term treatments in order to get rid of the bites symptoms. The procedures commonly will make you get extract immunotherapy for your whole body. The doctor will inject an ant extract into your skin to decrease the venom.

Meanwhile, for regular symptoms, you can treat the bites by cleaning the affected areas with mild soap and water. Use ice cob covered with a cloth for 0 minutes to trim down the pain. To get way the itching reaction, use hydrocortisone cream or antihistamine. You can use antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. With all these treatments, the bites usually will go away in a week. As getting a bump, make sure never to scratch it if you do not want it lead to an infection. Scratching the infected are also can make the marks last longer.

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