Facts About The Dung Beetle

Facts About The Dung Beetle 1

Here are true facts about the dung beetle the dung beetle survives mainly or solely by eating the faces of other animals it’s terrifying wait that’s a typo it eats the feces of other animals it’s even worse the rolling dung beetle finds dung with its acute sense of smell.

The dung beetle then selects a choice piece to roll into a bottle that’s disgusting we cut it cut the clip I told you I won’t i’m not going to narrate the footage of poop it’s just not going to happen this isn’t better this has nothing to do with the dung beetle fine the female.


Facts About The Dung Beetle

Facts About The Dung Beetle
Facts About The Dung Beetle


Dung beetles then judged their potential mates by the size of their balls oh come on that’s a Lynx wait why is he stalking that Santa baby run away santa baby after a mating pair is established the female often attaches herself to the dung ball chariot and the male rolls them away from the dung pile he does.

This backwards by pushing on the ball with his hind legs imagine getting into a car and putting your head face down on the seat and then steering with your butt that is how the dung beetle do.

Needless to say they get lost from time to time when it strays off course the dung beetle climbs on top of its ball and uses the position of the Sun the moon and even the Milky Way to reorient itself sort of like how ancient sailors once did except without the giant ball of year a scientist uses a mirror to confuse the hell out of a dung beetle along the way he must face challengers who seek to claim his third ball the ensuing battle sometimes lasting for hours when they have finally completed.

Their journey the young freaky couple digs a small hole in the soft sand the female then lays her eggs inside the dung ball and then seals them up using more dung or saliva and her own faeces just for good measure and then when the baby has born it eats its way out the circle of life just remember no matter

How bad your job is even if you shovel crap for a living at least you’re not doing it naked and with your mouth and then eating it you.

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