Facts about centipede: Appearance, Habitat, Symptoms, and Treatments


Facts about centipede – Who says the bug is only a little creature with small body and wings sometimes? Bugs also can get some hairs on its body, just like the 100 legs bugs”. Their legs are not 100, but they can get around 15 to more than 150 pairs of legs. This one has a flat and segmented body which each segment contain a pair of legs. They get reddish-orange and brown colors and range from 4 to 150 mm in size. Above their heads, you will see long antennae. Their mouths are small, but they get claw which contains venom gland.




Where Does Centipede Live?

Talking about its habitat, the adult centipede commonly lives in dark and moist places during winter. Its eggs will be stored in moisten soil while spring or summer. As hatched eggs grow into adults, they will own complete legs and additional segments. Most of them commonly live over a year; even they can survive up to six years.  There are Types of centipedes which often appear in our home, commonly known as house centipede. However, as they enter your home, they normally will hide in moist and dark places such as closets, bathrooms, storage rooms, basements, and others.


Is the Centipede poisonous?

One thing that you should know about Centipede facts is they are not dangerous for human. Even they belong to carnivorous; they only like to consume another pest such as the spider, worms, or other small vertebrates. They normally detect the food sources using their antennae. After that, they will paralyze their pray using their claws and venom.  Unlike other bugs, this one does not like to eat wood or decaying plant. For that reason, they actually can bring benefits to humans where they can kill the bugs and insects such as silverfish, cockroaches, moths, earwigs, flies, and so forth. So, are they poisonous? Yes, this one is poisonous, but only to insects or bugs, not humans.


The Signs of Infestation and How to Kill Them

Even centipede does not contain poisonous to humans, but this one can bite human as well. Their bite can become a painful just like the bee stings. Once they bite, you can get some symptoms like inflammation, pain, and discoloration. So, if you hate this species, you may kill them by doing several things.

The first thing that you should do is by understanding its signs. This one leaves no signs in your home. However, you probably can see it in dark and moist areas during the night. As you see this species, be careful because they can move so fast. That is why you need to prepare yourself as you want to kill them. Then, how to get rid of it?

First, referring to the fact that they feed bugs and insects, you need to make sure your home is free from its food sources like cockroaches, silverfish, houseflies, and others. You can get rid of them all by cleaning your home regularly, especially in darker and humid areas. For house centipedes, you probably can set some sticky traps. This can be an effective way to reduce its populations.

Next, do not forget to check whether there are some leaky faucets and pipes or not. What’s more, you need to keep your house away from organic material such as wood, leaves, or compost. If its infestations have already spread in your house, you can kill them by calling pest control and services. Otherwise, you can kill them by yourself by using some pest-killer chemicals. However, using chemicals product are not recommended as they can be dangerous to your family and pets. Besides, it also a method that commonly used for temporary control.

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