Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Easy steps to get rid of sugar ants

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants – Sugar ants are also known as the banded sugar ant. It is a species of ant which settle on the continent of Australia. By looking from its name, the ant obtains such name from its behavior which likes everything that is sweet and sugary. When you spill some sugar or crushed candy on to the floor, there will be a group of ants coming at you for the sweet stuff.

The difference between this ant and another type of ants is the distinctive orange-brown band around its body, which is only 5 to 15 millimeters or 0.2 to 0.6 inches. However, this is the size of the common ants, while the queen is bigger than any other ants in the community.

Moreover, the color also marks the different class among this type of ant. For example, ants with wings and black color are part of the royal blood, while the ants with the orange-brown band are the female workers. Due to its habitat and diet which related to sweet sugary food human has, their presence can be annoying and disturbing. That is why we provide you with some basic knowledge on how to get rid of sugar ants.


Easy steps to get rid of sugar ants

Even though it has been reported that sugar ants are mostly found in the United States and Canada, it is not impossible to see this type of ant in other places around the globe. If you want to get rid of these sugar lover ants, there are at least three easy steps: shut off their path and nest, lure them with ant bait, and secure the access to food. Read Also: Fire Ants Their Characteristics


Easy steps to get rid of sugar ants
Easy steps to get rid of sugar ants – Image via terro.com


Shutting off their path and nest

The ants usually live in a narrow hole in the wall, floor, woods, ground, and basically, anywhere. When you see the entryways, immediately seal off the ways. This one can be done using many things which offer a strong barrier between the ants and the outer world.


Lure them with ant bait

Ant bait products are available in stores. The substance which helps us to fight the ants is borax. When you go to the store and try to buy a product, make sure to find one with the borax substance contained within it. Borax is a natural ingredient which has low-level toxicity for human beings, but a deadly weapon to ants.


Secure the access to food sources

Where do you usually keep the food? Secure the access to it! Don’t let any holes for ants to get in. If you are snacking, don’t make a mess on the floor or the table. The bottom line is to keep everything as clean as possible to prevent the ants from coming out.


How do these ants find my food?

Sugar ants work like the soldier on the battlefield. Scouts are sent out of the nest to search for food and water. Each of these scouts explores every corner and place around its nest-approximately several hundred feet from the entrance. When the scouts spot a cracks or crevices in homes or buildings, they check on those cracks and crevices. After the checking, the scouts are coming back home to the queen to report the possibility of the food and water sources.

If the queen agrees to sign the allowance, many soldiers of ants are sent out to pick up those foods and waters for the kingdom. To prevent these scouts from entering the cracks or spotting the chances of intruding your homes, secure all the sources and prepare yourself with ant baits which contain borax or other related substances. So, this writing aims to help you win the battle against the ants. We do hope it works perfectly to get rid of them immediately!

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