Drywood Termites Facts, Control & Signs

Drywood Termites Habitvior

Drywood Termites Facts – Previously I had discussed about Dampwood Termites Which they live in humid areas. Today I went to share an interesting part of the Drywood Termites. Drywood Termites at first glance look similar to other types of termites, but they live in dry areas and create colony nests.

Colony Drywood Termites have large mandibles with teeth and their pronotum is as wide. most of the termite soldiers and dried wood workers are larger than the soldiers and workers in underground termite colonies.


Drywood Termites Habitvior & Habit

Drywood Termites Habitvior
Drywood Termites Habitvior


Drywood termite creates nests in wood usually in furniture, roofs, stairs, libraries. They nest in low moisture areas. The termite colony will create a new nest that is generated after mating. Reproductive termites fly from colonies and create new colonies and do not wonder if they rapidly proliferate.

Drywood termites generally do not require soil contact because they prefer to live in dry areas and make nests in furniture. Read: Flying Termites : Control, Identification 

Where did Drywood termite come from? This is a good question because they come from humid and underground areas because there is their central nest. Termites take care of the queen and the queen makes a nest for the colonies.

The colonies will follow their queen. If their queen migrates to your home area, then they will create a new nest there.Male and female termites will produce new seeds and make nests in other areas. This is what causes a lot of damage.


Signs of a Drywood Termite

Signs of a Drywood Termite at home is when they are grown and form a colony and approached the furniture of the house, cabinets may also book. Check all the parts to make sure there are no termites because it will cause harm to you.

If there is evidence of Drywood Termite, please contact the pest control professional immediately. That’s to avoid the fatal damage from Drywood Termite ..

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